J Mascis was in Brazil for Festival Bananada.  We have some footage thanks to some lucky fans who were there and nice enough to share with us.

J Mascis – Festival Bananada 5-16-2015

Watch video of J Mascis at Festival Bananada

J also played at Circo Voador and we also have video up from that show too!

J Mascis – Juvanilia Sessions Circo Voador 5-15-2015

Watch J Mascis performing at Circo Voador

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the Brazil shows I’ve seen shared by fans.

Tied to a Star!!! ♡♡

A photo posted by Angela Moryama (@angelamory) on

J fucking Mascis! #live #seenlive #liveinconcert #jmascis #obrigadabrunacora

A photo posted by jaci13 (@jaci13) on

J Mascis! #circovoador #jmascis

A photo posted by @__aandion__ on

J MASCIS Um belíssimo presente!!! #nostálgia #felizpcaralho #boanoite #circovoador #jmascis

A photo posted by kaline antunes (@kalineantunes) on


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