J Mascis joined Lauren Laverne on BBC 6 today for a session and you can stream the whole interview and performance over at the BBC site for the next 3 weeks. (J starts in around the 2:08 mark).  He will be on the Boxed In show on Radio 4 Saturday.  He mentions that he will be returning to Late Night with Seth Meyers in the near future too!

Listen to / Download “Stumble” & “Heal The Star” from the session below



Hurrah! Thanks for posting this. 🙂

Tonight’s show @ The Scala was the best J solo show that I’ve seen in years. The sound was good. The crowd was up for it. J looked rested.

Loads of famous people in the crowd: Thurston Moore (+girlfriend), Jarvis Cocker, Bobby Gillespie, Kevin Shields and my husband said he spotted Richard Ayoade and someone from New Order. Wah!

THAT IS AMAZING!! I’ve heard from others there were a few sightings but that is insane! Looks like a pretty good set too http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/j-mascis/2015/scala-london-england-3bcab428.html

Hurrah! Can’t wait ti check this out… 🙂

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