Written by J Mascis

From the album You’re Living All Over Me

You're Living All Over Me
You’re Living All Over Me

Can’t believe a single word I’ve said

And every subject’s the only one that’s dead

And there’s nothing from my side

Just yourself

You’ll split

I’ll began

‘Bout to fight

Greatest stories pass, in my mind

Must be a better way to pass my time

To think the focus just belongs to me

Selfish man, I know I’m nothing to me

So when I thought I had more to say

Swimmin’ in my head

Chained to this corpse

For one more day

Little lies start around

Not a show, feel so down

And I struggle right inside out

Reach the wall, spiral down


I’m hardly standing still

I’ll be there

Sometimes thinking right

I can’t believe I was chosen to exist

‘Cause only Jesus Christ can slit his wrists, he says

So though we kill this need to always understand

Cut the world and tell me it fits on the back of your hand