I told you last time.
Don’t say you haven’t heard.
I don’t see how you could run through this again.
I don’t have another word.

Dreams are not my biggest asset,
but I thought your plan was cool.
I guess you backed out of the habit.
Who did I think I could fool?

It doesn’t come up very often,
wish it seemed the same for you.
I placed it by the door,
I thought you’d seen it on the floor.
I guess to me it’s something more.

It’s the more I think about it,
and I don’t wanna doubt it.
Just helping in my way,
and I just crumble. What can I say?

It doesn’t come up very often.
I wish it seemed the same for you.
And all the times before,
I thought you’d deal,
that’s not the score.
Hope you’re prepared for what’s in store.

Come on. Come on.
You know I wanna see you,
but I can only take so many blows.
Are you that one?