While I’m still doing a LOT of work to better integrate the forums & complete the discography (working on singles now) I wanted to go ahead and take down the walls and see what breaks.  Still have a TON more to add but I’ll just do it with the site live again so forgive the mess…

There are only a handful of Dinosaur shows left on this tour and then the guys are taking a break for a bit so check them out if you can – http://www.dinosaurjr.com/tour/

Let me know if you catch anything I need to fix or want to add anything!!



It looks good Jeremiah! What a surprise when I logged on today!

Thanks! It is a start… After many, many false ones. I still have SO much to do!

I use IE. and can’t see the discog, etc links anymore. i betted this is just what u needed this morning, a problem. It looks, well big. but it’s a way better site for dinorelated stuff. SO much to do, you can use the I’m a contractor and it took me awhile to spend the dowel excuse. heh.

Hey Tony, sorry to hear that. Can you go here – http://freakscene.yourbrowser.is/ and I’ll see what is up. There are a lot of old IE versions I’m not going to worry about.

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