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    I have copies that are unique colours for Purple / Lilac / Dark Blue & Light blue. They are all visibly different.

    If they came out now they would be classed as 4 different colours.

    The question I don’t know and I don’t think anyone could answer is the lilac a second run of purple and the same with blue.

    I doubt when they did second presses at SST in the 80’s they matched pantones. So it’s a coin toss if these are intentionally different or someone just mixed the wax slightly different.

    Discogs is helpful but I have at least 10 dino 7″ that are not on there…



    Yes it’s very quiet but check out the  facebook group were a lot of these type of questions have gone. (Plus theres a extra group bit on there just for talking about this kind of thing)

    Anyway I shall try and help here. I do have a lilac and purple version and they are different enough that it’s not just a end of print on purple or second press’ (I’m guessing this happens as I have slightly different green I don’t think so 7″ single. But I’m sure these are not different pressings!)

    Yellow – I’m 99% sure is a mistake  – I even emailed those guys several years ago. I have never even seen a picture. (Plus nobody here has seen one!)

    I have these. So they are out there!

    Blast First Label (UK Label)


    Black (different middle label)

    Test Pressing

    Normal (German Label) Came with Bug vinyl album


    SST Label

    Test Pressing


    Marble Grey


    Light Blue

    Dark Blue




    Sweet Nothing (Cargo UK Label)

    Reissue 2005 – Black


    Part of a 5 x 7″ boxset released in 2014 – Black Vinyl


    I would update discogs so it’s 100% correct but I don’t have the will power : )

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    [caption id="attachment_233523" align="alignnone" width="500"] track list[/caption]

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    Plus 23 date USA tour (I think this is the sub pop press release that will come out today)


    J Mascis – See You At The Movies

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    Not sure they are live yet! But here they are  – Im guessing sub pop will do something to as they have the Loser Vinyl…….


    Love the artwork ! Not sure who it is ? travis millard maybe…..


    Can’t wait to get that water bottle : )


    Europe Bundles.


    J. Mascis




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    Had to pay £16.98 customs too.

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    I can’t see that picture?
    I think I have both? The grey does have some highlights in it too though!

    I will try and posted a video of all the 7″ vinyl with some kind of audio if there is interest? : )

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    Is that bits from ‘The Making of you’ Film?

    The song fits well!

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    I’m watching football and drinking so I could remember tomorrow ….. But was too hard / leaving demos on any other release ? I can’t remember off the top of my head ??? I don’t think so .

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    Not seen this before?? Not going for it myself – but looks pretty cool!

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    Hi Mind glow,

    The clear blue JLH is a mistake – It should be baby blue!

    These are not the records – But one is this colour……


    and the other is like this…….


    I think at the time and because I doubt SST cared the colours matched and just pumped out the presses.
    There probably was not to much thought about a dark blue and light blue freak scene! This is a total guess but
    they just made blue ones at different times and didn’t match the wax to how they might do that now?

    I suppose i’m trying to say that the slighty different ones are not deliberate and limited version, just nobody really was that bothered??

    Like I say though I’m just guessing it was a bit more laid back then!

    I did add the Lilac to Discogs – But I just made up the colour name – probably need pantone to get it all right !

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    For what it’s worth my two favourite items are the sprayed JLH that’s on the wall! And my test pressing of the cassette boxset on joyful noise 1 of 9 ! Bronze goes to marq spusta pressing of the bug live 🙂

    But there’s something soooo cool about JLH diy ! I never get bored of looking at it! Need to get that signed 🙂

    Well hopefully! We can put a full dino discography on here! Obviously that’s a massive massive task! And help is needed so if any people out there can help from a tech point of view (the photos/listing etc won’t be hard to gather) then we can speak to @jeremiah and maybe make it happen!?

    It’s too much work for one person !

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    Not counting the Greek bootlegs ‘Live on KEXP’ as I think bootlegs after 2000 seem a bit wrong?

    These are the 7″ records I have – missing green splatter only other way and yellow freakscene. I have a few that are not on Discogs, But I can’t be bothered to set them up.
    Bit hungover so may need a revist!

    EP 1 Sound Machine – Throw Down
    La Herencia de los Munster #11 – Does it Float

    Radio Rucus
    Die Barney Die
    Quest (Pink Cover)
    Quest (Orange Cover)
    Quest (xerox drawn cover)
    On the Way (polish postcard) ltd 50
    1993 Peel Sessions
    What the F**k

    45’s Official
    Repulsion – Red Label
    Repulsion – Yellow label(Black Writing)
    Repulsion – Yellow label(red writing)
    Repulsion – Red Vinyl
    Repulsion – French Pressing LSR
    Bulbs of Passion – Blast First
    Throw Down – Came with Germany BUG LP
    Whatevers cool with me
    The Wagon
    The Wagon – DJ EDIT
    The Wagon – Germany Glitterhouse
    The Wagon – Pink (c800)
    The Wagon – Purple – 200
    The Wagon – White – 10,000
    Just Like Heaven -normal label
    Just Like Heaven – Blast First
    Just Like Heaven – White label
    Just Like Heaven – Black Label
    Just Like Heaven -Flexis – free with The catalogue magazine
    Just Like Heaven – Purple
    Just Like Heaven – Green
    Just Like Heaven – Baby Blue
    Just Like Heaven – Red
    Just Like Heaven – Red (small hole)
    Just Like Heaven – White
    Freak Scene – Blast First
    Freak Scene – normal
    Freak Scene – Black
    Freak Scene – Red
    Freak Scene – Purple
    Freak Scene – Lilac
    Freak Scene – Grey
    Freak Scene – Dark Blue
    Freak Scene – Light Blue
    Freak Scene – Clear
    Get Me
    Get Me – Promo
    Start Choppin French
    Start Choppin UK
    Feel the pain
    I don’t think so – Light Green
    I don’t think so – Dark Green
    I’m Insane – 500
    Freak Scene (reissue reunion) -500
    Almost ready – 1 sided promo
    Been there all the time
    Crumble – 500
    got lost/Lighting bulb – Black
    got lost/Lighting bulb – White
    I dont want to go there – US tour version
    I dont want to go there – White vinyl – Came with Farm LP – 500
    Over it -500
    Watch the corners
    Watch the corners (white ) veri magazine
    Just like heaven split with cure
    Only other way – Purple
    Boxset – Visitors
    Two Things

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    I got a couple of the Fopp CDs……… If anyone can find just a picture of a yellow Freak Scene 7″ I will send you a copy anywhere!
    Competition!!! : ) ha ha

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    That yellow freak scene is really buggin’ me ! Never even seen a picture? : )

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