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    Ok I’ve been reading through these and decided to contribute.

    Washburn N-1 – Cherry Red
    MIJ Fender Jaguar – White, Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder in Bridge, Straplocks, Mustang Saddles, Elixir .10s
    ’77 Fender Mustang – Natural w/ maple fingerboard

    Boss TU-2 Tuner
    Electro Harmonix Linear Power Booster Clone (homemade)
    Digitech Whammy WH-1
    Dunlop Crybaby Wah (modded)
    Visual Sound Route 66 Overdrive/Compressor
    Homemade True Bypass Loop pedal [MXR Distortion+ (Script Logo) + Locobox EQ in Loop]
    Lovetone Big Cheese
    George Dennis Tremolo/Volume
    DOD FX-25 Envelope Filter
    Electro Harmonix Clone Theory
    Boss BF-2 Flanger
    Akai Headrush Delay
    Sola Sound Swell Pedal

    ’79 Marshall JMP 2103

    I don’t have enough patch leads or need to use all of the pedals at once, but I’ve listed them in the order that I would if that situation arose.

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