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    When I’m listenin’ to You’re Living all over me, J seems to go from clean guitar (break down on ‘raisans’ where the sample is shouting) to heavy distorted guitar (most of ‘raisans’) then to noise fuzz stuff (intro to ‘little fury things’, like where the person is screaming)

    Now my question is, how does J do this? I’m pretty sure he uses a big muff, but does he have a clean guitar signal, then big muff for distortion, and then something else for the feedback /fuzz/ noise? Does he have an amp with clean/overdrive/ then bigmuff for the solos and walls of noise?

    I’m looking for a pedal that can emulate the walls of white noise sound he has, also kind of like jesus and mary chain, where I can go from clean to distorted to noise. Any help would be great.




    well, for little furry things, try running your wah after your distortion/fuzz box, the tones very similar. i’m almost certain that’s what he did. as for different distortions, he’s always had his big muff, but he also had a univox super fuzz which are pretty rare and a few other fuzzes. i’m sure that if you cranked them all on at once you’d get quite a noisy but amazing sound



    thanks for the tip



    there’s a video on http://www.freesofree.net 1993 – UMass Summer Concert. J plays little fury things, you can see him play the wah, and if you’re real good, you can pause it on a nice clean shot of the pedals he is using.



    J has used different wahs during his years as musician.
    I think he first had a jim dunlop wah modified with roger mayer electronics inside. and then a roger mayer wah and now a custom made real mc coy wah. I’ve tried to get the little fury things wah sound with a superfuzz and and Jim dunlop crybaby. the fuzz is great, but the wah does not give the same frequences as J’s wah.

    If you play chords with some distortion or fuzz box, with half rate or less and then crank on a another fuzz box, you can get excellent solo sound.try it out. it’s also possible to put a distortion or fuzz box before the wah and then more fuzzboxes after the wah. try it out. just beware that some frequences can dissapear if too many fuzz pedals are on at the same time.
    so try it out, if you have some boxes.


    Randy Jane

    I just got a Boss Mega Distortion pedal…awesome awesome pedal. I now go from amp-DOD Chorus-Dunlop Wah-Mega Distorion-Grunge-guitar. The sounds I get with that setup are great. The distortion with the grunge sounds great, then you add the Boss for "face melting solos" and riffs/chords/etc. Tad Doyle runs several fuzz’s together and gets a good sound. Sonic Youth sometimes runs a wah pedal from the amp-wah-cable tip and get a cool sound from just using the wah and holding the cable. There are tons of cool ways to get great sounds….we should start a cool sound thread….but my time at the lie-berry is up…..bye.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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