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    It looks like there is a pocket sized book series based on records titled 33 1/3 and they are doing one on You’re Living All Over Me. The author is Nick Attfield and it has a release date of May 8, 2011.
    Does anyone else have any of the books in this series? Are they any good? I found some other info about the series but I have not read any myself (yet)



    I’ve read a few. They always have different authors, and some are very amaturish. Guys just trying to show off their vocabularies, just using information from interviews we’ve already read, etc etc.

    I think one on YLAOM is a little odd, since (unless he’s doing interviews with the band), then he’s just going to use information from articles and interviews, which as I said above, most of us have probably already seen. But I am excited to see any new information in the book.



    Thanks @Matthoney! for the price I’ll probably check it out in the rare case that there is some new info. Hope it is not just regurgitated stuff



    I read the one on Wowie Zowie. The author definitely spent a bit too much time talking about himself and where he was in 1995, but it was still a worthy read. I will probably read the one on YLAOM just because it’s a book about YLAOM.




    I’ve read a couple of the books. They vary widely like matt said,

    Led Zeppelin IV was boring, the whole thing was just about the occult
    The Who Sell Out was terrible, it was all about pirate radio
    Armed Forces was stellar and had tons of information on the album, tour, and Elvis at the time
    The Stone Roses was pretty good, the guy did a good job of putting himself in the book while providing lots of stuff I had never heard before about the band
    Let It Be (The Mats) by Colin Meloy was the worst thing in the world.

    The guy who wrote the YLAOM one seems to be a professor in music so hopefully it’ll be more about the history of the album and not what it meant to him.



    Matt is right on. I’ve read a couple that are pretty solid, and I’ve read a few where the author just showing off.



    I believe these books are supposed to be about how the album changed the author’s life.



    Hi all,

    I’m the author of the book being discussed in this thread, and so I thought I’d give you some more info on it.

    The 33 1/3 books do have a wide variety of approaches – and that’s what’s cool about them, in my opinion.
    My approach is a history of the band (including Deep Wound) and the recording of You’re Living All Over Me, and then a collection of what might be called “interpretations” of, or responses to, the songs (music & lyrics) on it, with broad reference to other Dinosaur records and other music around at the time.

    I should stress that the book is not about me or my life or how the record has changed my life (or anything like that). It’s inevitably true that the interpretations, being subjective things, come from me – but ultimately they’re guided by information I got from J and others. Hopefully they’ll be thought-provoking, not self-indulgent.

    The book includes forewords from each of the band members, plus numerous quotes from my own (new) interviews with the band and some people around them and the record: Wharton Tiers, Dave Pine, Jon Fetler, Maura Jasper. There are a few citations from classic interviews and reviews, too, and a great photo – taken by Joe Henderson – from a Dinosaur show in Hollywood in 1987.

    You’ll see various dates of publication online, but I’m reliably informed that June 20 (in the US) and July 25 (in the UK) are near enough the days on which it will appear.

    Hoping you get to see a copy, and I’ll be very interested to hear what you think,




    thanks for jumping in Nick! I actually pre-ordered the day I posted this and I’m looking forward to it showing up!



    Cool, Look forward to reading it! – Can I do one about where you been?? 🙂
    I am almost 33 to! Would be a bad read though,
    Hey, whats this ?(out there – comes blasting out the speakers) its dinosaur jr….I never looked back. The end.



    Hi all,

    The book’s now a few days away from being published in the US, so if you’re interested, here are some links:

    1) The publisher’s official site


    2) The series blog (with an excerpt from the book, see entry for June 1)


    3) The Amazon.com page


    It’ll be great to hear what you think!





    Hi Nick!

    This is right up my alley, I’ll be picking up a copy ASAP. It’s funny though, all this time I though it was TAB of the album. I’ll pay more attention from here on out. Can’t wait to see these guys in about 2 weeks!



    Hi Nick,

    I finally read your book last week. It was very well done and Dinosaur was rairly treated. I guess I was expecting a story about the good times they had and blah, blah, blah. Fortunately it was much better than that and very realistic.

    I like how you questioned the claim of J Mascis single handedly making the solo cool in alternative, alt or emo music, whatever you wanna call it. I would have definitely been a subscriber to this, but you took the issue more seriously. I loved how you revealed who songs on the first two albums a lot of times are more than one song put together. That’s appropriate for fledgling musicians and allows the reader to listen to the songs in a whole new way. Speaking of which I was totally freaked out to find the source or the crazy voice on “In a jar”. Enough said.

    Thank you for a very enlightening read. I encourage all Dinosaur fans to read it and get better in tune with the events behind the album.



    I really enjoyed the book and it brought back memories of hearing the album for the first time as a kid back in the late 80s.

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