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    What was the first concert you went to?

    Mine was The Clash and the English Beat at the San Francisco Civic Center auditorium, 6/22/82.

    I was 15, went with one of my older brothers and his girlfriend, huge fun.


    King Tubby

    Technically, my first was The Reducers & Lost Generation — two legendary CT punk bands — who played following a screening of D.O.A., the guerrilla documentary of the Sex Pistols’ 1978 US tour. But my first “real” concert was Billy Idol on the Rebel Yell tour the following year. Ha!



    Mine was Hole at the Empire in Shepherds Bush London 1995(might be 94??)
    Strangly today I noticed Mr Mascis Mixed some of Live through this!!! Little known fact (maybe ?? 🙂



    The Cure 1992 for the Wish Tour. Great show! I asked for the tickets for my 15th birthday. I believe I saw them the day of my birthday. Ironically enough the first time I can remember Dinosaur coming around, I was too young. You had to be 18 to get into Hammerjacks in Baltimore. I’m sure there were plenty of under age kids who missed out on going to that show.



    Neil Young at the LA Forum, 1972. Just Neil, a guitar, a piano, and a harmonica. That was it. In that huge arena (Lakers play basketball there). You literally could have heard a pin drop during the quiet spaces in and between his songs. He talked to us like we were in his living room with him. Amazing. I was 15. I’m 55 now. I’ve been to a lot of great concerts. But that, what a great way to start a music-loving life of concert going



    Mine was Taylor Swift – Speak Now World Tour in Australia. It was so amazing and unforgettable!



    Mine…. – In Utero I got to hear muffled versions of Kiss, Black Sabbath & Molly Hatchet but I am not sure which came first haha.

    Earliest remembered -> I saw Tiny Tim perform at a circus when I was around 10 if that one counts

    Earliest full concert -> My parents took me to see Crosby Stills & Nash. I mostly remember all the weed & old people in tie dies but the tunes were good.

    First on my own -> BB King blues festival with Buddy Guy (ignoring the local artist shows)



    14 years old. Pink Floyd on the Division Bell tour. My mom is the most bad ass person on the planet for buying those tickets for us and my bro. Just too bad I didn’t get to see David Gilmour playing with Roger Waters back in the day like she did. But DG was enough…



    i don’t even remember it all. kicked out at The Grapes Masquerade show, drivin’s and cryin’ and some other Athens bands. btw if you didn’t know there was a white blanket projecting their lyrics at the show, for The Grapes. then there’s the skinny puppy show at 15. I know this guy who went to that show. he left a guy named moses for dead on the dance floor. got a concussion later on in life because he forgot.



    Jeremiah and laurenedonnell get the lucky prize for coolest parents.

    My mom never bought me tickets to shows but my grandmother once lent me the money to buy tickets to see The Who and the Clash with openers T-Bone Burnett, Mick Ronson, and David Miner at a Day on the Green at the Oakland Coliseum, good times.



    Do you know that same guy was named you possess the budge of the cross. Just think about what a killer to his parents he would be. Then he kept wondering did moses pass out.

    It is my son. I don’t know what show i’d take my new kid too, probably Dinosaur Jr.

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