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    MxPx – Summer of 69
    Reel Big Fish – Take On Me
    Smashing Pumpkins – A Night Like This

    Those are the only ones that come to mind. I’m not a huge fan of covers.

    BTW, if anyone puts Whitney Houston’s cover of "I Will Always Love You," I will hunt them down like a dog. [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img]



    Yeah,Whitney;I was trying to think of smaltzy ballads that were covered,and I thought up one,Babes In Toyland `s cover of Eric Carmen`s`All By Myself`,which was also covered by Celine Dion.The Babes cover is funny,they really make fun of it,but start it out partly serious and then start screaming and stuff at the end;it`s on their Nemesisters album.



    I thought up some all cover song albums:
    Screaching Weasel-Beat is on the brat(the entire Ramones first album covered)
    Vindictives-Leave Home(the entire 2nd Ramones album covered)
    Queers-Rocket To Russia(the entire 3rd Ramones album covered)
    Schoolhouse rock rocks-those cartoon bits ABC used to air between sat morn cartoons,it includes Deluxx Folk Implosion,Buffalo Tom,Man or Astroman,Pavement,etc.
    Saturday morning cartoons-I forget the exact title,Allison mentioned it in the Ramones cover of Spiderman theme,it also has Matthew Sweet
    playing the Scooby Doo theme.
    If I were a Carpenter-Bands like Sonic Youth,Shoenen Knife,Bettie Serveert,etc covering Carpenters tunes,my fav is Redd Kross `s version of `Yesterday Once More`.
    Sweet Relief-All Victoria Williams covers,the singer/songwriter who was diagnosed with MS in the early 90`s and did`nt have health insurance,this benefit album includes Soul Asylum,Lou Reed,Shudder To Think,Pearl Jam,Jayhawks(one of them married Victoria Williams).
    Sweet Relief 2-all Vic Chesnutt songs,If you don`t know Vic,he`s a singer/songwriter from Athens,Georgia,a friend of Michael Stipe,who is a parapalegic,He`s also toured with Bob Mould.this compilation includes Soul Asylum,REM,Smashing Pumpkins/Red Red Meat,Cracker,Sparklehorse,Kristin Hersh,etc.
    The Bridge-tribute to Neil Young,has some cool tunes,Dino Jr,Sonic Youth,Pixies,Soul Asylum(again),Nick Cave,Flaming Lips,etc.

    I`m not going to go through every tribute record,there`s too many,see if you can think of any good ones,there`s plenty of bad ones out there.



    I cannot belive this thread has been dead for over five years :o There´s way too many cool covers out there.

    Mogwai – Don´t Cry(guns&posers)



    Breeders – Freed Pig
    Kyuss – Into The Void
    Melvins – The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown)
    Oh, Me – Nirvana
    Son Of A Gun – Nirvana
    Touch Me I’m Sick – Sonic Youth
    I Wanna Be Your Dog – Sonic Youth
    Everything Flows/ Range Life – J



    cool thread :)

    the foo fighters do a sweet cover of "Baker Street" by gerry rafferty(sp?) and everclear do a nice version of the go-gos classic "our lips are sealed"…

    there are tons of cool covers out there, gimme a little time and i’ll post a list of some of my faves…


    my name is lisa

    the damned – i feel alright

    jimi hendrix – wild thing

    cream – spoonful



    All of James Carter`s Gold Sounds album of Pavement covers

    http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:rf1uak8ksm3p”>http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=am … 1uak8ksm3p


    my name is lisa

    mark lanegan – where did you sleep last night

    jimi hendrix – all along the watchtower

    breeders – so sad about us



    Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan ~ Ramblin’ Man ~ Hank Williams

    Elliott Smith ~ Jealous Guy ~ John Lennon

    Flipper ~ Hash Pipe ~ Weezer

    Goldfinger ~ 99 Red Balloons ~ Nena

    Dead Kennedys ~ Viva Las Vegas ~ Elvis


    "girl " wrote:

    Goldfinger ~ 99 Red Balloons ~ Nena

    I`d take 7 Seconds` cover thank you very much


    "SG " wrote:
    "girl " wrote:

    Goldfinger ~ 99 Red Balloons ~ Nena

    I`d take 7 Seconds` cover thank you very much

    The original is an absolute gem and I think any attempt at a cover would sound cool. Hell, I’ll even risk getting beat up by an angry, torch weilding mob and say that even AFI’s version isn’t bad.



    The 7 Seconds cover is a classic.Recorded in 1985,it seems weird a Nevada hardcore band would cover it but they rip it up.This was before the whole pop punk cover song thing of the `90s.



    Johnny Cash – Hurt (NIN)

    Johnny Cash – Rust Cage (Soundgarden)

    Man those are some awesome covers! ;D


    King Tubby

    Sex Pistols — No Fun
    Clash — Armagideon Time
    Clash — Police on My Back
    Bob Mould — Shoot Out the Lights
    Los Lobos — Jockey Full of Bourbon
    Ministry — Lay Lady Lay
    Butthole Surfers — American Woman

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