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    I usually like to dig around for music at flea markets,used music stores,etc. so I thought we could talk about some of the best music finds we`ve come across.
    Here`s some from me:
    an old Duke Ellington record from the 50`s I think,one of those heavy vinyl records that sound really scratchy.The music is actually recorded in 1946.
    Memphis Swamp Jam-a 1969 double album of acoustic blues that features Sleepy John Estes,Bukka White,Furry Lewis,etc.
    Leadbelly-a 1963 pressing of unreleased sessions from 1935.
    Keith Jarrett-Birth-1972 record that I don`t think has been reissued on cd yet,or has it?
    Ornette Coleman-The Art Of The Improvisers-I found this at Zellers!,for 2 dollars on tape;not used I know but I thought I`d mention it.
    Red Twist And Tuned Arrow-another Zellers find,a Swiss band,2 guitars and drums,jazz guitarists that are`nt afraid of feedback.Bought it for 7 dollars on cd.
    PJ Harvey-Dry-Found it for 2 dollars on tape in a used book store that also recycles bottles and sells used clothing.
    Drop 19`s-National Coma-bought this cd at a used cd store owned by a cranky ex 60`s and 70`s dj,what a jerk.
    My Bloody Valentine-Ecstasy And Wine-a hard to find cd,the guy who brought it in I was told used to live in Germany and England,I also bought the Band Of Susans-Love Agenda cd;bought both of these for 10 dollars each.

    One of my greatest finds was in Oct 98 when I walked into a local used cd store and found 2 18th Dye cd`s,4 Grifters cd`s, and 4 Versus cd`s.I did`nt have enough money so I got the owner to hold half of them for a while until I got enough cash to buy the rest.

    I think that`s enough to mention for now.
    I like to hear all of your best finds.



    Hey Salamiguy,

    Great topic, always a thrill to find something unexpected in odd enviornments…definitely one of my fav things to do [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]

    Mine is a pretty short list for now, kinda foggy just started back to work [img]images/smiles/converted/eek.gif[/img] But I will give the memory banks a shake and list more when my brain starts to kick in [img]images/smiles/converted/dizzy.gif[/img]

    Late eighties London England market on Portabello road it was raining and grey I just wanted to go into the local pub for some beverages. Made one last stop though and unbelievably found
    Destroy All Monsters…Singles and Rarities…Ron Asheton on guitar

    Destroy All Monsters/Sonics Rendevous Band split…each side has four blisteringly cool guitar songs…amazing find

    I was shocked and amazed by finding those 2 together…WOW so went to have a few pints and celebrated the finds!!!

    Get back to you later with more once the fog clears

    Allison [img]images/smiles/converted/cool.gif[/img]



    Sounds like a great find Allison!
    I`ve never been to England,hope to someday,lots of cool stuff over there.

    One of the best finds was`nt music,it was conversation.I went into a used store of junk once,piled up in the store,you could barely move around!There was an old guy behind the counter,I asked him if I could look through his cd`s,he had them behind the counter and I could`nt see them with my eyesight,I wanted to go behind the counter and look at them,he would`nt let me so I said ok and started talikng to him,he was really nice,we talked about music,a local classical concert,his daughter being taught music by nuns and his nephew being a manager for a celtic rock band.The old guy was really cool,I talked with him for about an hour!just one of those strange encounters with a stranger that was memorable.We talked the whole time in a small space of junk!books,applainces,you name it was there!he told me he had the store for 40 years!he was going to retire soon,that was a few years ago so I hope the cool old guy got some rest from selling junk for 4 decades!



    Here`s a story of some great finds:
    Aug 99:I packed up 18 cd`s and headed to the local used store for a trade in,when I got there the door was locked,so I said to myself forget it,the next nearest store was miles away,the day was hot so to make that trip would`nt be easy plus I never been to the other store before,would it be worth walking that far,it was up a huge hill as well,which made it tougher,I went anyway,got to the store and found that they had some cool stuff:
    Flying Saucer Attack-self titled debut
    Come-Eleven Eleven
    Unrest-Perfect Teeth
    Sonic Youth-Live Apr 86
    Seam-The Problem With Me
    Railroad Jerk-One Track Mind

    they had so much stuff I went back a week later and bought some more!such as the first Raincoats album,Sonic Youth`s Bad Moon Rising,etc.



    Maybe it’s too late for a reply, but I got the Dinosaur and Your’e living… vinyl records for about 4 bucks each in Manhattan, Kansas.



    Tony-tell me what bands you don`t know and I`ll fill you in.
    One of the coolest things I like about this site is helping each other out with discovering music.den buck suggested Oh Susanna which I checked out and liked.Allison and Robert talking about the Hellacopters alot made me check out them.

    like the Bad Religion quote,Tony.I like that tune too.



    Thought I`d pull this up because I did`nt get alot of responses before,let`s see if anyone has any to add.



    I got all Nirvana LPs and EPs used…

    Hmm… other then that, the only notable thing I’ve gotten used is alot of vinyls… too many to mention but one in particular, The Beatles’ White Album before it had the white cover [the meat cover if you know to what I am refering].



    The "meat cover" is`nt the white album,it was Yesterday And Today;I used to have the Beatles-Rarities album and saw the cover of that.
    I still need to find Never Mind The Bollocks,found the first Clash album used though,2 years ago,the american version which has diffrent songs then the British release.Never Mind The Bollocks is around new for a good price,I just have`nt got around to it yet.
    Too bad Tony that you can`t find good stuff around,how far are you from Athens?they problably have some cool stuff there.



    <BLOCKQUOTE><font>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by kerb-dogma:
    <STRONG> BTW , i just wanna point out that the music REM made in the 80’s is ten times better than what came about in the 90’s . I heard their single though , 2001 REM sounding pretty good again .


    Yep, I agree.

    Salami, the white album had an offensive meet cover as well, it was originally covered over with white stickers, or so I’m told. That’s what I have, the sticker cover. I don’t know exactly what’s under there but my friend, a Beatle-ologist, assures me it’s uber-rare. It’s cool even thought I’m not a huge beatle fan.



    The ones that pop to mind would be
    J Mascis: Martin and Me -Vinyl.
    Dinosaur Jr: Dinosaurs Are Still Alive
    Dinosaur Jr: Just Like Heaven 7"
    Found them in a store called Grüne Hölle in Münster Germany four years ago.

    Dinosaur Jr: Dinosaur -vinyl -two months ago in Oslo, paid 5$ and walked out with a huge [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]

    In Tunisia three weeks ago I got some Weezer with cover and liner notes written in arabic or arab or whatever it’s called.



    Tony-Yeah I like REM`s 80`s stuff more then the 90`s too,I bought Reckoning a few years ago,my fav song is Rockville,great song.
    some Athens stuff I dig:Vic Chesnutt,Magnapop,Olivia Tremor Control,bands with David Barbe in it(Sugar`s bassist,he also produced Uncle Tupelo(with Peter Buck),Son Volt,Insurgence(N.Carolina band who sound like Fugazi),and the first Rock A Teens album).

    Robert-You were in Tunisia?that`s cool.

    I had a dream once I was in Africa in a music store.



    You mean besides every cd i’ve bought in the past four years? It’s amazing what great stuff people will get rid of. Just always look at the disc first.



    The dino things I was happiest to find in a record store was:
    <UL>-their first cd. I stressed around for many years and suddenly it popped up in a used musicstore in my hometown.
    -out there cds w/out there lp and cd version + in a jar, leper and bulbs of passion
    -wagon/better than gone 7"
    -out there 7" limited posterbag
    -start choppin picture disc 10"
    -feel the pain, nothing’s goin on and grab it promos
    – goin’ home cds
    I found some of these things on a cd/vinyl exhibiton last week…

    [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img] </UL>


    buckingham rabbit

    ok, i thought i would dig this up too cause looking for used cds has got to be my #1 hobby (yes, i am a loser). i happen to live in a city (but sadly, not for long) that is full of hipsters or at least people with some good taste in music AND an amazing record store for them to sell stuff to, so i have found so much good stuff used that it is unlistable.

    my main kind of obsession is out of print stuff, so that is what i will mention here. and this is really all relative, you know–30 bucks isnt that much money, but it kind of is for a cd (only paid that once in my life, back in high school, for the dinosaur import ‘quest’), but i get excited when i get good deals on OOP stuff.

    game theory–big shot chronicles- paid 15 and they even had multiple copies, so i bought extras and sold them on ebay for like 35.

    the clean–unknown country. not their best, but got it for 5 bucks and it would go for 15 at the record store here

    david bowie–ziggy stardust + man who sold the world (ryko versions). 10 bucks each off ebay. sell for 25 at the record store.

    jason and the scorchers–essential: are you ready for the country. only 8 bucks at the wherehouse (morons), its equivilent i think goes for about three times that on ebay.

    x-ray spex–germfree adolescents. $15. goes in the 20s on ebay.

    the only ones–peel sessions. $14. seen it go for 30 on ebay.

    the db’s–stands for decibels + repercussion. 10 each and were OOP at the time, just been reissued–and everyone should buy them!

    the wedding present–george best +9. it was only 6 bucks but i dont know how much it sells for on ebay–significantly more than that though.

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