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    We got permission to record the Philly show, March 23. (From yes, you know it, J). Hopefully this will work out great and all of you will get to see this gig.

    Another thing that is in the making is a possible preshow or postshow interview with j, or george, or both. Now the cool thing is the questions for the interview will be supplied from the loyal members of freakscene.net. All we ask is that you limit your number of questions to three (3) <img>

    talk to you soon.

    oh yeah, "this will all happen if everything works out right."


    K7 Rides Again

    Q1-so how’s your back doing? Has it ben problematic or are you back to your old self?

    Q2-see any projects coming up in the immediate future?

    Q3-if you could jam w/ anyone, who would it be?



    Well that sounds pretty damn cool, looking forward to it in a huge way!!!

    1. What was it like playing with Scott Asheton?
    2. Have heard that you recorded some new stuff already, any idea on when that will be released?
    3. Any new movie deals coming up…soundtrack or acting?

    Allison <img>


    alan ciccone

    1.any chance of coming back to dublin ireland again…i was in the crowd singing happy birthday to you the last time you played
    2.when do you think we might be able to hear ure new stuff
    3.have u ever thought of recording stuff with sonic youth?



    1-When`s the next album coming out?
    2-Any guests like on More Light singing back up like when Bob Pollard sang on a few songs?
    3-Will Mike Watt be playing bass on the next album?



    1. Has there been any more talk of putting out a live album or video?
    2. Any idea on who will be playing with you when you go out on the road with a full band again?

    That’s all for now, I wanna save one more so i don’t come up with one and have to delete stuff.



    3 Questions for George

    1. Loved the Sea of Cortez songs up on FreakScene, how many songs did you record at Bobs place? Any luck on the hunt for a decent label? (Wayne Kramer…Muscletone records…cool hippy <img> )

    2. What was your fav Stooges song to play with Ron Asheton?

    3. Who is your fav cartoon character?

    And if I had a 4th I would as if he is a Patriots fan <img>

    Allison <img>



    Hey Anthony

    Looking forward 2 that

    Here are some more questions from a older Topic u can use:


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    ham steak

    Hey, this is great.

    1) Have you been getting enough hugs ?

    2) I heard a while ago that you had tendonitis. Has it bothered you much lately ?

    3) Do you enjoy cooking?



    3 questions to J.

    1) Is there any possibility of a tour in Brazil ??

    2) What´s that story about purple amplifiers ?

    3) I would like to send u a cd form our band. Can u give me an address to mail it ?

    Watch out boys !! The devil´s bride is calling all toward her skirt !!!



    im going to be grabbing these questions around 2-3 oclock today (est) and headin to philly with them.

    "this will all happen if everything works out right".



    these are from the webmaster himself:

    1. what label(s) will the next release be with
    2. what is his favorite song to play live
    3. what artists/albums is he keeping in heavy rotation these days

    *thanks jeremiah for everything <img> *



    1) I got a different feel from more light than your previous stuff. I guess more upbeat. Do you agree that’s true and if you do, what do you attribute it to?

    2) What’s on your turntable right now?

    3) What do you do for fun?

    (I am soooo jealous, Anthony! Have a great time!)

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    the list has been grabbed……………………………………………………………………



    Hey, thanks for letting me ask J some questions:

    1. Any plans to tour with the Stooges line-up like at All Tomorrow’s Parties? Some are reporting that Watt’s "lead bass" playing bogarted the show, but I love his style and vocals, especially on the Stooges stuff. Can you overplay The Stooges or are those songs just a blueprint for a freak-out?

    2. How is Bob doing?

    3. I heard the guys from Cobra Verde were up at Bob’s Place recording with you. Was this for your record or theirs?

    Thanks! <img>

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