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    K7 Rides Again

    just found this while cruisin’ the web…just kind of interesting <img>

    1)Yo La Tengo fan Brad Bizzolt tells us about the band behind the show’s closing music: If ever there was a band that defined the phrase "critic’s darlings," it would have to be Yo La Tengo. The band, a three-piece from Hoboken NJ, have been playing their unique strain of rock for close to 15 years now, garnering a somewhat large cult following in the underground and, more recently, attention from the commercial music industry as well (I guess a spot on a national television show would solidify that, huh?). The band’s sound is an enigmatic mixture of the Beach Boys and the Velvet
    Underground, with more recent releases harnessing the chaotic noise energy of Sonic Youth.
    I’m not sure of the specific, but the band’s name comes from a book about Hispanic baseball players coming up into the majors. "Yo La Tengo", in somewhat rough Spanish, translates to "I’ve got it," i.e. what a fielder would shout when calling a fly ball.

    2) I think that "Yo la tengo" is from an early NY Mets
    team. They had Richie Ashburn in centerfield and a Spanish Speaking infielder. Ashburn would yell "I’ve got it" and the infielder wouldn’t understand him and they would collide, so they told Ashburn to say "Yo la tengo". [Bob Wells confirmed this is
    correct, and noted the men were: "Richie Ashburn, center field; Elio Chacon, shortstop; Frank Thomas, left field."]

    YLT did the end music for a SIMPSONS episode which started this whole search… here’s the link if ya want it…everything you could ever know about the SIMPSONS is there

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    buckingham rabbit

    i wish yo la tengo had actally been in the episode like other bands have. i think the ramones have, even NRBQ, one of YLT’s favorites. and then other people that suck.

    i’d read that about YLT’s name origin. it sucks telling people who are totally square (or just have shit taste) that you like this band yo la tengo cause they always think its a spanish band or something.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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