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    Yipes. Just yipes.


    fata morgana

    I can’t even read all of this :-X


    Yes, if this is not-just-a-theory…

    Why do extremely rich, powerful, respected and revered people go after someone who pushes the envelope
    –it’s not going to hurt all the work that’s been DONE. These heavy-hitters are on a much more powerful footing and can stand to have a little push and a prod…
    Wassup with that ???



    I know it’s prolly fabricated. But still, it’s a bit disconcerting.



    That money enabled him to find someone who would take his drug induced paranoid delusions and design a nifty web page to go along with them. I have never been into those kind of drugs (cocaine,speed,meth,ex,etc..) but they are notorious for producing twisted delusions. I met a guy who shared a bit of his crack cocaine delusions with me, he said his ex-wife kept appearing as a half rat and he would kill her, and then rip up the carpeting in his bedroom and throw away the bedding etc. to get rid of the blood evidence. He claims he "killed" her three times before ending up in rehab. She is still alive but he also claims that when she would come to him as a rat she was backed by a nefarious group of other changlings.

    That’s not to say that other blacks were not pissed off as hell at him but come on…………………..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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