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    you creep breezoid, photos and everything, how can i impress my mew friends!



    hey "another English bloke" <img>
    great to see some more new members here, lately <img>
    That’s a sad story about the "borrowed tapes" <img>
    I hope you could replace them!
    welcome on the boards!
    Flying Cloud



    But luckily this one’s less of a deviant.

    I live in London, close to the Flaming Lips loather – but i gladly agree, me thinks they are a little poor too. Have been listening to Dinosaur Jnr since my indie kid days….. but had a brief break when some B%^^&%D borrowed my tapes – ‘Don’t worry i’ll bring them back’ – he then left the country… without giving back the bloody tapes, f***er. Never has it happened since or likely to again. Anyway, am going to see J at the Metro in London with the other English bloke….. may be this time he’ll play ‘take a run at the sun’, the perfect Sunday morning tune. Will try and take some photo’s and post them for you all to see.



    Welcome to the boards Breezy <img>

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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