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    hi, i’m new my names elliot, i live in md. i play gits and vocals in a folk-sludge-ish band called Indecisives. we dont have a website yet, mainly because none of us can use the computer for shit. some of my favorite bands include: fugazi, the pixies, sonic youth, husker du, big black, the wipers, naked raygun, dinosaur jr (obviously), sebadoh, meat puppets, minor threat, bad brains, motorhead, shellac, the smiths, slint, iggy and the stooges, comets on fire, butthole surfers, man i could go on and on.

    thanks for letting me waste your time with this post.


    fata morgana

    Welcome to FS, harmacy 8)



    welcome elliot/harmacy :!:

    hope you’ll enjoy your stay :idea:

    butthole surfers :D



    hey harmacy, what a cool name that is!!! :D
    great list of bands, hope to hear some sounds of your own band some time soon!

    welcome & have a nice time on the site :mrgreen:



    Welcome Harmacy :) nice list of bands there 8)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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