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    alan ciccone

    me the annoying boy who keeps asking for lyrics and tabs would like to request another………has any one tabbed yeah we know off bug rough stuff will do



    Hey Alan,

    Somewhere at this site I found a link to a page with a lot of tabs:

    Very cool, yeah we know it also there, but I doubt it is complete. But hey, it’s a start!



    if you email me ([email protected])
    i will send you a complete tab of yeah we know. id prefer if you gave me a mailing address to send it to, cuz trying to tab it out again on the gawddamned keyboard sucks my ass. ive got it on paper, i can copy and mail it.
    i think ive tabbed the solo too.got the whole
    bug album tabbed actually.
    anyway its up to you dude.


    alan ciccone

    when u say a amiling address…does a hotmail account not work the way u need ….what would be easier to send to?



    i WILL email a tab to you, i would rather
    send you a copy of my tab thru the mail
    though. emailing tabulature is a bitch, having
    to retype the whole thing over and junk.
    i’ll pay for the postage or whatever.
    so email me an address i can mail a tab to
    from my post office if you can.if you live
    outside the u.s. i dont know what shipping
    cost but it surely cant be too much.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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