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    I`m rooting for the Von Bondies :wink: Jack`s spokeswoman name is Alison Zero?not as good a name as Allison BEARS :) :wink:


    i like the ‘stripes music still…but man are they over exposed. can’t get over how they seem to win every best-of list this year. elephant wasn’t THAT good



    Von Bondies for me as well :aliensmile:

    Allison BEARS :mrgreen:



    The White Stripes over hype thing has gotten a bit much :roll: I did`nt buy Elephant in protest :P all this greatest band,greatest album,etc. and Jack being a guitar god is just crazy :slap:




    What happened to that broken finger Jack had?I heard that they`ve been fueding since Jack produced their Lack Of Communication album and the Von Bondies frontman has been very anti White Stripes since then.Word has it that Meg just sat and watched the whole thing while drinking a martini.



    Jack White ordered to take anger management…. :twisted: :wink:

    article :|

    Jack White Pleads Guilty

    Stripes frontman fined, ordered to anger management

    One man army

    Jack White pleaded guilty yesterday to an assault and battery charge stemming from a December nightclub fracas with Von Bondies singer Jason Stollsteimer.
    White and Stollsteimer tangled at an album release party in Detroit for fellow Motor City band Blanche at the Majestic Theater Center on December 13th. In the courtroom, White said that he confronted Stollsteimer at the show because of negative things the Von Bondies frontman had said about him in the press and to friends. White claimed that Stollsteimer ignored him, prompting White to spit at him, initiating the scuffle.

    According to White, when the two fell to the ground, Stollsteimer fell on White’s hand, recently healed after being broken in a car accident, and White punched him. In January, White pleaded not guilty, saying he acted in self-defense.

    Stollsteimer told police at the time that White had punched him in the face seven times and a published photo showed that he suffered a bloody nose and his eye was swollen shut.

    With the plea, White was hit with a $500 fine plus court fees. Judge Paula Humphries also ordered him to attend anger management classes.

    (March 10, 2004)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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