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    Bucky Ramone

    You can find a lot of solutions to a lot of your everyday problems here! 8) :lol: :wink:

    Some everyday problems:

    How to Foil a UFO Abduction
    How to Control a Runaway Camel
    How to Sober Up Fast
    How to Determine If Your Date Is an Axe Murderer
    How to Survive If Your Parachute Fails to Open
    How to Survive If You Wake Up Next to Someone Whose Name You Don’t Remember

    :roll: :lol: :P



    hehe, I didn’t know so far, how many dangers are threatening me – or not…. :lol:
    never met an alligator to wrestle with …at least so far :shock:

    great site, thanks for the link dB :D



    They have some very handy tips
    Especially the How to Foil a UFO Abduction tip, hopefully I need that 1 day :aliensmile:


    expect nothing

    greaat siite , veery usefuull :mrgreen: :lol: , thanks for the link :D



    Hilarious :aliensmile:

    Maybe we should send a certain someone the golf survival tips… :mrgreen:



    really a nice site, worth to check it thoroughly – you never know when you’ll maybe need the knowledge.

    I especially loved this holiday worst case scenario:

    How to silence a group of Carolers?

    Turn up your music.
    Without opening your door, play CDs at high volume. Speed metal and 1970s rock are likely to be in a different key than the carolers, who will be unable to stay in tune, become discouraged, and depart. If you are listening to Christmas music, shut it off immediately, or they may be encouraged to sing along

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I know I know, it isn’t the right season to apply this knowledge, but I guess, a blasting "Out there" or "Little Fury Things" could easily bring them out of tune – at least it’s nicer to listen to than to Speed Metal or 70’s Rock :shock: :P

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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