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    well I’m pretty excited about tomorrow but also a little scared. Sometimes during a match I have to go outside and walk around…I just can’t watch. I thought I would throw out a funny little tid-bit from youtube….Guti (José María Gutiérrez) has to listen to the crowd sing "Guti,Guti, Guti Maricon" (you can find other youtube video’s with the crowd singing this song) trying to psych Guti out. So basically for those that don’t speak Spanish…they are singing…"Guti, Guti, Guti…you’re a faggot"….fairly offensive. In this clip…as Guti prepares to kick in…the crowd is singing it full force and even Guti has a smile on his face (what else can you do right?) You see the the goal keeper is laughing about it, and it ends up throwing HIM off his game…then Guti gets to show the crowd who’s the "maricon"…in your face with Sergio Ramos. Then Sergio and the boys have a celebration "maricon" puppy dog love pile with lots of kisses. Love, love, love this Spanish team. BTW..Guti…will not be playing with team Spain tomorrow.


    getting ready to go to bed with my old latin footballer…but will I be able to sleep?

    any other thoughts out there…anyone want to place a friendly bet with me?

    wanted to add…someone in the comments says…."that goal shut them up…Gooooo Guti" enough said.



    I so wanted to put a haiku here if you don’t mind…I think it’s relevant…

    A kick in the chest
    that produces no red card
    Spain wins by virtue!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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