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    if you have a computer, and a decent connection and a decent video card, you should be playing this game.
    you can download it for free here:

    I have a private mirror of the install files that I can offer if someone is interested.

    I also have a private game server running that could be used for practices, scrimmages, whatever.

    I go by the name "Severed Lips" in the game… if you see me, I am more than likely a Covert Op and you are in my scope about to get shot.

    It would be cool to have a gang of freakscene people on a team.
    There are competitions, teams, matches, wars, you name it.

    so far, just Robert and myself that I know of.



    Yeah, as I’ve posted before here I’m surprised as to how much I enjoy this game. It has brought back the geek in me that used to play doom1 and wolfenstein some 11-12 years ago. And I’m loving it.
    So download it and get ready to be entertained. And if you’d like it would be cool if you dropped anthony or me a line and we could try to set up a time and place to play.



    the coolest thing i think is that there are no computer players in the game.
    each and every person you come across in the game are actual people sitting at their computers.

    they’re more than likely 13 year old kids kicking everyone’s ass, but it sure is fun.

    I have laughed my ass off playing that game. Some people are really funny in there.



    last night there was a guy who totally annhilated the opposition, and made comments like "I crush you all puny scum, bow before my wrath." when he was doing well. And he was like immortal, then all of a sudden he posted this "shit, my mom is totally pissed! I was supposed to go to bed 2 hours ago. Later dudes." :lol:



    ive been getting booted and i can’t get in.
    for some reason, every server i join has a new map for me to download…
    and i hate that
    once the download is complete it just freezes for awhile then kicks me to the desktop. yuck [img]http://www.freesofree.net/bbs/images/smiles/018.gif[/img]

    then the traditional "start the program twice" to get it going….

    try again in a little while.

    Hey Robert, post some good server IPs up here so we can share.

    –When I look for servers, I always look for FuelDump or TempleFinal with the least amount of people…



    on second thought, i’ve been having problems w/ the game since i installed SP2 for XP.

    –will have to look into it a little further.



    ive been seen on these servers lately:
    all XP save

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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