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    I guess I must be in the minority in saying that Without a Sound is my favorite Dinosaur Jr album. I just found this site as well as and notice that there are hardly any live performances of songs from this album back in the day. Just Even on J. Mascis’ current tour, half the set is Dinosaur Jr tunes, but none from this album. Why has he disowned so many great tunes?



    I have seen him play feel the pain, over your shoulder, mind glow, grab it and I think yeah right. But it is true I haven’t heard any in a long time live. Basically he plays a couple songs from each album. As time goes on, he plays the most popular. Also he always has to teach the drummer and bassist the songs so they only learn a few at a time. There are 59 Dinosaur Jr. album songs and than B-sides and covers and like 20 fog songs And he plays usually 14 songs so its a good percentage.



    I dont know, but to me songs on without a sound sounds like they would be quite hard to play guitar and sing at the same time. For example on the brink sounds almost impossible to play and sing at the same time. Maybe this is the kind of album that just isn’t made for playing live, i guess J recorded all the instruments himself etc..
    Well, i dont know… :roll:

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