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    The more I listen to them the more I come to realize how great this band really is. I love me some stoner rock, but by far this blows away other stoner metal bands such as an all time favorites of mine Monster Magnet. The flow and grove are infused in every song but are still overwhelmed by the haunting vocals, and of course J banging the skins, truly a feat that hasn’t been brought to us in this shape or form since Black Sabbath.

    I often ponder why this band isn’t the biggest band in the world. The symphonic perfection irradiated to my ear surely has the magic to be all over any venue music is heard on. Sadly everyone who would find the magic I feel in this band has no idea who they are, slowly but surely I’ve been spreading the word of Witch, hoping that one day when music is brought up in dialogue, everyone will be able to share the feelings running through there body the first time they heard "Isadora"

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