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    Heres A New 1
    I dont think U can found it here:

    Winnipeg Sun

    J Mascis + the Fog
    (Ultimatum / Artemis)

    If grunge is dead, nobody told J Mascis. Not like he’d care much anyway. The uberslacker singer-guitarist of noise-rock gods Dinosaur Jr. certainly didn’t try to fit in during the hair-metal ’80s or the alt-rock ’90s, when his lo-fi cathedrals of ringing feedback and world-weary croak stuck out like two sore thumbs. Well, those trends are long gone, but J is still around. And still spinning his magnificent guitar-torture epics in exactly the same way — by cranking the amp to 11, stomping on every distortion box he can get his feet on, and making a most glorious noise. The only difference between More Light and his last half-dozen albums is the quality of these songs. Recorded over the better part of a year with help from Guided by Voices’ Robert Pollard and My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields, these 11 tunes are Mascis’s best tracks since DJ’s near-perfect ’91 album Green Mind. Same Day, I’m Not Fine and the raging cyclone of the title cut are basement metal-shop masterworks, with squalls of axe abuse, shambling drum-roll rhythms and insidiously addictive choruses, arc welded into a two-headed likeness of Neil Young and Kurt Cobain. Nice to have you back, J.

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