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    Eggwater’s post on nearly maiming the guy reminded me of this, and since the Freakscene server magically blitzed our discussion in my "well I did it" thread… I’ve decided to ask my question in its own thread… [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

    Salamiguy, Spaceboy, other fans of Will Oldham…

    If I were interested in checking out his stuff, where are some good starting points?



    A good start would be to check out Palace Music-Lost Blues And Other Songs;it`s a compilation of singles,brilliant stuff,"Horses" has one of the best guitar solos I ever heard.
    Another good album is Palace Brothers-Days In The Wake,or just Palace Brothers,Days In The Wake is`nt written on it anywhere.It`s mostly just Will acoustic on a 4 track.
    Palace Music-Arise Therefore-is another great album,this was my fav album for 1996;Steve Albini produced it,it`s Will and his brother Ned and David Grubbs(Squirrel Bait/Bastro/Gastr Del Sol)playing some beautiful piano and a drum machine that does`nt sound bad at all.
    Lastly,my 4th fav Oldham related album is a ep by Palace Songs called Hope,it`s 6 songs,including a great version of Leonard Cohen`s Winter Lady.



    Some Other Great Albums

    Will Oldham – Guarapero Lost Blues 2
    Bonnie Prince Billy – I See A Darkness
    Bonnie Prince Billy – Ease Down The Road
    The Marques De Tren & Bonny Billy – Get On Jolly

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    Bucky Ramone

    den Buck recommends:

    Palace Music – Viva last blues
    Palace music – Arise Therefore
    Bonnie Prince Billy – I see a darkness

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