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    All right, this is my first post to this BBS…
    and I have a bootleg of Dino playing Start Choppin’ in 97.
    The boot just says Live – NY 1997
    It only has 2 tracks but six songs:
    Just Like Heaven
    The Wagon
    2.Start Choppin
    Get Me
    Out There

    The sound quality is also pretty excellent. I don’t think it’s on freesofree.net…maybe I’ll get in touch with Anthony



    Oh yeah,
    I also think it was taped from a radio broadcast…
    it has radio commercials inbetween the two tracks, and even some slick fadeouts at the beginning and end of the performance.



    Forget it,…
    my boot labeled ’97 is actually from ’94, had to look that up.




    so is this bootleg of Greasdo’s downloadable somewhere ?

    at freesofree ?

    gawd i’d love to see J play with Mike J sometime…. amazing bassplayer

    stooges songs…watt…. whatever



    I also have keep the freak scene. i second that the recording sucks ass. I was disappointed much after paying 35 bucks for that piece. "strange feelings" is raisans but it starts half way through the songs because I imagine the taper fifn’t hit record in time. the vocals on Start Choppin sounds pretty horrible live juding from that. Thumb and Keep the glove from WCWM are from the same show but recorded much better and the quality of the playing is great but recording is not. the best part is when J says "Please get that goddamn spotlight off me thank you"

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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