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    Randy Jane

    Shit Matt….I love you haha.

    een, by all means this thread wasnt intended to bring the same crap that I got on the Fender forums to this great forum. Arguments especially like this one gets no where, and people get tired of reading about it.
    Ok, you like to pay more for your belongings and that’s fine with me, it’s the people like you that don’t make squiers go up in value for people who actually like them (me). You can pay all you want for a Gibson, you know, actually maybe you’ve never heard of them, but there is a company (I know the name sounds like a Wal*Mart brand, but trust me its not) called K.B. Pro and they only made like….less than 20 guitars, then stoped. They made the Pinnaka 441 and the Sonya. One of the two, is like Alder with a maple neck and you can only get the thing in transparent purple. All of the electronics (pickup windings and all) are made of 24K Gold. That guitar was like $45,000. The other one was finished in 24K gold and had wireless electronics and ruby, diamond and sapphire inlays aslo with the 24K electronics….same wood though….$145,000. Go buy that stuff man, then I’d say, you’ve got a good collection.
    Cars man, I dont really care what I drive….in fact, I don’t even drive to begin with…I never wanted to get my license…and now I’m 22 and want one…so I’m thinking about it. Currently though, I have a Neon and a Bronco….and I’m about to buy my friends 240sx….which is a friggin good car. While no, these cars arent Ferrari’s or Mercedes, they do the same things….get me there and back. You can make anything look as cool as you want it to, so why spend so much more money on something that you dont have to? You cant take this crap with you when you die man. I’m starting to think that you’re a relative of Yngwie…..names his new DOD pedal after a car….please.

    The thing I learned 10, 11, even 13 years ago now….is that Matt is right in what he just now said. It really dosent matter what you pay for a guitar, if youre good….then youre going to sound good on a Harmony, but if you suck, then that Gibson is going to suffer. No, I’m not saying you cant play guitar, Ive never heard you play….and no, I dont need to hear how much you play every day nor how great you are because I really just dont care and I’m sick of seing this thread pop up instead a Coma Girl….well, anything Coma Girl has popping up would be better than this. (Love you Coma)!!!!




    Heheh… Tough love. ;D

    (…and yes, Coma Girl is the rockinest!)


    Joseph Olson

    I have a friend who just paid $1500 for a Gibson Les Paul.  I looked at it.  I saw binding issues.  It needs a complete fret dressing.  Intonation was a mile off.  Now I had a friend of mine get his son an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop Pro.  Out of the box it was dead on for the bindings, frets were perfectly even and went straight into tune and kept tune.


    Garbage People

    People who hate epiphones care more about branding than actual musicianship. Epiphones are great. Gibsons are overpriced.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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