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    My apologies up front for using freakscene as my own sort of blog, but hey thats the beauty of open topic, anything goes, WELL.
    went to church this morning early, got a good 1/2 hour of prayer and meditation in before mass. Afterwards we had to go and have lunch with the family, I was so full of love and ready to embrace each and everyone of them, looking deep into their eyes with kindness and compassion. As I walked in the door the whole heated topic was how stupid and ignorant the blacks in New Orleans are: "I mean who shoots at helicopters coming to help you"
    "stupid ghetto blacks with guns thats who"…..I listened to endless quotes from Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, and at a certain point internally I was saying over and over to myself "Must love these people, my family, I must be an example of Christs love and stay in peace and non-judgement", Lord, God help me not to be triggered by this, help me to stay in peace, let me not be drawn in"………………… but then I cracked, anyway,
    2 of my brother-in-laws were yelling at me (both aries in astrology) and my Mother-in-law, in Spanish gritando (yelling) stop it, stop it! I said my piece but never once did I loose my temper and yell, but I did say some rather yucky things like," your lack of a college education makes it impossible to have an intelligent debate with you, "because having never learned the art of discusion you resort to yelling and postering" I ended up walking out the door for awhile until things calmed down but one of my brother-in-laws left but not before making a rather nasty comment about my money wasting, tax abusing, government job. It got ugly and I am left wondering if I should have just keep quiet (as my mother-in-law, and husband :P, suggested) I feel that I lost it, DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE WEIRD FAMILY ISSUES, I JUST WANT TO HAVE ONE HAPPY LOVING FAMILY but it seems to elude me. :'( (My family at home is very peaceful and loving) Why can’t we all just get along, well, because I have issues with Republicans, I guess. Thanks for letting me rant, I needed it. Have a great week, I wont see much of y’all during the week anymore, work,work,work, :)



    Yea, my extended family is like that too. But we always tend to work it out in the end.



    Anna we all go through the same thing, I’m the black sheep in my family and I know they all talk about me behind my back, but I’m glad that its only because I’m superintelligent and they can’t understand. Anna we should really get together one day and talk about the spirit world/outer space, I just befriended this girl who studied under stephen hawkings in cambridge, and its some good education and is starting to help piece everything together.



    a friend-of-a-friend of mine is working down there in connection with Louisiana police officers and investigators– and according to him, New Orleans law enforcement have filed zero reports of being shot at by civilians.

    not much but I hope that perks you up a bit. :-

    also, I find that it’s generally not people who lack college education that are the problem; it’s people with very little travel and/or life experience under their belts.



    Thanks, it was great to come home and find uplifting stuff, yes Rich, While I wouldn’t call me the "blacksheep".
    what am I sayin’, Yeah, I guess I am the odd one out, both sides super Republican, My father even more.
    Rosa, you are so correct, formal education accounts for only a small bit of at times superficial education, I was feeling wounded and trying to hurt with my words, some kind of loving eh? My son, who has autism, goes to a public school and this year his teacher has written "jaun" on all of his papers. I finally, after three weeks sent a correction, and she sent home an apology with a note saying " Sorry, I have heard the name but never sent it written" OMG, I thought, Juan is the second most common name in the world, but I can only guess she hasn’t read much or travelled, it was strange. My whole take on the new orleans "thing" was "Hey, but by the Grace Of God" I am not living in poverty, but by the Grace of God, my family was able to educate me and provide a safety net until I was able to be on my own. By the Grace of God my family has a home and two cars and three computers and my heart goes out to those in New Orleans who are so poor. These words set off a whole yelling match from the Republicans about "Thats bullcrap, God’s grace had nothing to do with my success, I worked hard for everything I have" blah, blah, blah and on and on.
    I dislike when people get smug, I think, go ahead get smug, God’s not done with ya’ yet.
    Oh, and Rich, Sagittarius’ are great conversationalists when it comes to spirutual things, and outer space things, outerspace things, and lots of other things.


    fata morgana

    -Ya know, why bother? People will change only when they want to change–especially family.
    -Opinions don’t make reality or policies and if they do, then that should be looked at from all sides of the prism.




    yes, me … i’ve recently come to the conclusion that my in=laws are aliens …Â ::) :D either that or they’re total a*holes … it’s gotta be one or the other … :o ;D ;D



    Hey, Rambleon good to see you, Where ya’ been?

    I have a wonderfully cool man who is indoctrinating me into my new job.

    He has a great saying that he told me would keep me uplifted at work,
    and help me to avoid stress and burnout, he said "repeat after me"

    "PEOPLE ARE STUPID" I have witnessed much evidence to this fact
    during the past three weeks.

    My favorite from today, when you steal a car and it gets towed because you parked it in
    a bad spot, don’t go and try to reclaim it at the tow lot …………..thats just stupid.



    well, i started a new job too and i’ve been taking 2 classes (photoshop – where i am right now :)) and web design + i’m still volunteering at an arts centre 1 day a week + also i’m in the final stages of buying a flat, so i’ve been very busy lately to say the least :D … things should settle down in a month or so after we move + get our internet access transferred to our new address + all that stuff …

    i have been checking in to freakscene for all the hot news, i just haven’t been posting ;)

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