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    I am so pumped about the Dino show tonight, it can’t come soon enough. It sold out a couple days ago. Way to go D.C.! I’m coming all the way from Baltimore, past it really. I really hope they play “The Leper” tonight. I forgot to bring earplugs. I don’t want to waste time buying them on the way down. Maybe they’ll have some at the show..



    Here’s the set list, no Leper : (….. Show was awesome nonetheless.

    I had a really good time. How electric was Budge? I mean wow! Every song was carried by that kind of energy too. It’s funny though some have mentioned how Almost Fair has grown on them after listening to it live. I loved it from the beginning, but thought the looping sounded off. To add to that I thought Shearwater was one of the better bands to open for Dinosaur in years.

    My ears are ringing still, (Should have worn earplugs). The band sounds as good as ever, The Wagon was king last night. I will see them tomorrow in Philly. Hope to see you there.

    See it on Your Side
    Almost Fair
    Start Choppin’
    Don’t Pretend You Didn’t Know
    Watch the Corners
    Feel the Pain
    What Was That
    In a Jar
    Training Ground
    Freak Scene
    The Wagon
    Forget the Swan
    Out There
    Just Like Heaven



    Jealous, wish I could catch another show as well. Have fun!



    A good friend who’s been living in Ulaanbaatar, Nepal, and Bhutan for the last 20 or so years doing climate/wildlife research just signed on for a 4 year gig in Bhutan working on snow leopard conservation. I asked him if he’d be in Hong Kong for the 10/31 Dinosaur Jr show and he said he doesn’t get to HK until November 4.

    He happened to be staying a few blocks away from the Black Cat this week, and though he’s never listened to Dinosaur Jr he was down for the DC Black Cat show. As Obsequio mentioned it was sold out, but he got a ticket outside and sent me a couple of pictures of the band playing last night, looks like good times. If you saw a freak with long red hair taking pictures and enjoying himself, that was my friend John from Wilbraham.

    I sent him a I Bet on Sky CD last week and the door man at the apartment he was staying at held it for 3 days so he didn’t get to hear it until after the show. He totally enjoyed the concert, had a great time, said it was “sonically opaque,” and wrote me this about the new album once he got to hear it: “It kind of sounds like that first iggy and the stooges album but without iggy. Much more melodic thrash power psychedelia.”



    Very cool story Hybridge!



    Dude, I was there up in the front, it was so fucking sick and I loved it. I was in the front, in front of J, with a purple hoodie and a beanie.



    urlivingalloverme – I think I saw you. That’s sweet! I hope you were wearing earplugs. I was standing about 20 ft back and my ears were ringing for two days and then I saw them again, with earplugs….



    I told my friend to bring earplugs and he said he thought he had some earplugs in his luggage somewhere and I reminded him in the United States you can just buy earplugs for a dollar at a drugstore.

    I got two one-line emails from him the other night:

    This dinosaur jr. album is great!


    He shouldn’t let lou talk so much on stage though…

    Ta ha



    Obseqio- Hit me up on skype, my id is my url.

    Hybridge- Me and the friend I took made the mistake of not wearing earplugs for the first four songs in the set. (See It On Your Side, Rude, Watch the Corners, and Budge) We both couldn’t enjoy it without having our fingers in our ears and we ended up nearly crying from the noise level. Thank god the dude next to us brought extra.

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