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    Hey, Can Some 1 translate this



    I tried to use a translation tool, to get an idea what this article is about:


    if you copy the URL
    and paste it there, it kinda translates the Japanese article. Not at all perfect, but its kinda funny [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    I did the same with the Japanese "Dyna saw"-fanpage that one can find in the FreakScene links-section:
    Dinosaur Jr Site by 089?
    the URL is
    A funny site with a kind of message board etc.

    this is what came out of the translation tool:

    J Mascis + The Fog Backstage invitation

    * Shibuya on air yeast – 2/13/01

    With Number Girl

    After stage ends entirely, 4 ou´t of 2 groups which hit to the pulling out selection of television program people rose the stairway where the stage rear is thin with the guidance of the staff meeting place. "Something the gift it had? "With in the question which is said," the inside and others had the plug fence, it is, -. "" The ? -, I had the dumpling, -. "" Oh, each other it is the same to think. These 4 people who do not understand well "with it is what which exchanges the conversation which is said. By his adapts with the bulletin board and with it is the case that it receives the spilling of election amount of seeing, but this day of fake, that with and being unprecedented to meet with seeing, still being invited to the backstage being the unprecedented, it was the false tension continuation. Therefore also the stage of J Mascis the latter half part the ?, the sweat grasping simply simply in the hand, almost not to be remembered that this is the case that it will have been been rushing, but.

    There is only a width of the extent which 1 people can pass at last, when it keeps climbing the stairway which leads to that backstage, Mukai of the number girl (Vo&G) waited at on. Plainness ? will not being even in remainder, you were hasty, but "it seemed the tired way with whisper. "With saying, ??? by your is done Before rising to the backstage, however while when having gone to taking, with seeing exchanges Mukai and conversation, to force the baggage to the coin rocker, the photograph was refused useless. But "??? it was good, is, that -" as in word of seeing, ? Eve itself ?????? was good that you say. After seeing their stages lastly, it becomes the approximately 1 year half, but at that time performance is refined with did not think to here. Approximately, it was show about of 50 minutes, but with connecting between the tune which even medley type can be said intently with MC as moderate, the paste which has being cut off was made to continue up to last end. It was possible also to enjoy partly due a person or the fact that you apply still little, without thinking narrowly in the floor. The ? of the guitar also the child could find that form with the floor near the backstage, and after the curtaining, but although it is the normal guitar, as the quite had the ? huge precision base, although it is she who is small to the extent which is visible, "Samurai" with ? ? questioning ?? is repelled, it is the ? which is. Also the drum the unreasonable oral ? is good and, something to say or, calling also the combination of the base clearly, it was better than performance of the J mass cis.

    It finished to climb the stairway, when finally going the back stage of the J mass cis, it came. By his 1st entered lastly in that room, but everyone "????! While "with kana it is with saying, it seems that is received friendly. Surely it probably is wide room what… with thinking, when it goes the back stage, the ? which is surprised. As for we room and the room arrangement there is no strange cup, (wry smile). Generally the table the ? can being put in the room about of 6 tatami mats, there the wine and the software drink the feeling which ???? is placed. And if the essential J mass cis you say, facing, becomes dim in the right side and the ? it has stood. With stage flannel shirt (obsolete language?) Although ???? we would like to see the rough it was the appearance, at the back stage the knit hat and the quilted down coat arrival having been packed, just a little surprise. ?, so cold or J? ? ? ?

    While group ahead is speaking with J, it is what, to become dim, because – also the fact that it waits for the ? and order it is what, we have decided to try using voice on him of the drum which is sat down on the left side.

    "your play was splendid, is, -. "
    "There to be . "
    "to tell the truth we the drum was begun, ? kana it is it does. Going into the school, but the ? it is therefore about just 3 months at all still…. "
    "densely the ? which is continued to play in any case it is. The ? it is with having, if it is not to loud, the useless shelf. As for we show the ? which is loud? How was? "
    "the feeling ? shank which gradually keeps becoming loud. First it was not such, but it is "

    If you mention the Dyna saw, sound is huge in any case! With it was the image which is said, but today there is no such a great thing and the ?, honestly had been discouraged.

    When it does, group ahead presenting the plug fence of the gift to J. Interpretation apparently how to come it has explained concerning the various plug fences, but as for him of the drum of the thing knowing,

    "that knowing, the ?. Because in New York it enters into the hand regardless, don’t you think?. "

    … Instantly there our umbrellas seeing. "That this how is! "With the dumpling which it has as if to say is presented. Bean jam thing you saw, while it seems just a little being perplexed to choice, you saw after all, seems he who extends the hand to one sip after eating, the ? is the plate to be bad has done the improbable face.

    "That’s not disgusting. "(The disgusting = ? it is attached, you dislike, and so on mind)

    With you said because,

    "sled ? what? "

    With you hear when,

    "It’s very good and very good. "

    With him of cartridge ? drum. Being to recommend to so and based him, so dislike it was not, we would like to see, is, but.

    Because order inside and others got near, from midst of the bag "it is taken, it is", when it removes, in addition he of the drum put the mouth.

    "we, such a camera we want, it is, -. We want, it is, -. "

    Because with it makes a noise, "you can buy anywhere. "With it may say it became, but

    Because the official photographer is on the "inside. "

    With saying, him of the drum which points based him. Regardless, the digital camera was obtained in Tokyo, so,

    If the "photograph entrance and others is not in the air, it can also turn off directly, it is, -. Cool! "

    It is "such a common sense of the ? ?. "With it may say it became, but because it is bad to based him who takes the vocal with" No Fun "of ?????? and the cover etc. of Frank black with the base of SG, the word had decided to swallow.

    Well, so like this while having done, our turns came. As been planned in advance, "the ?, the dumpling you make eat by J. Seeing that "with you say.

    "just a little please try eating. This (you saw, seems) this (the bean jam) one is sweeter, is. "

    When with you said, you saw, it seems the J mass cis which takes one.

    We would like to store the place where the your "dumpling is eaten to the photograph it is, but. If it does not upset the feeling…. "

    With you say when,

    "- ? -. "

    With, with the kind of reply which the air which is said it comes out you saw, the J mass cis which it seems it tries probably to include the dumpling in the mouth. The ? it is with there, with seeing instantly with ????? go! While also J including the dumpling in the mouth, by your taking the photograph of J which with the camera eye line is settled in that film, continuously with the seeing and together includes the dumpling in the mouth The form of J which eats the dumpling thought and the ? drill hammer ? ? was, may laugh became the finder crossing over.

    Well, this time you are your own turn. Temporarily, while shaking hands with J

    "great show very much thank you. "

    "it comes, the ? -. "

    … Well…, you should have spoken what from here, it is? With the thing approximately 1 second which is thought. Furthermore that circle and others it may be sucked by the pupil the thing approximately 0.5 seconds which become.

    The "? – -, this is present from my. You golf doing still, it increases, don’t you think?? "

    "say the ?. "

    With as in the conversation which is said, while to do kind of exchanging which it forms and is not handing "to fly too much, with Japanese in note" and the box golf ball 6 pack which the large book is done. Golf lover of fake J super being famous, the present which by his of golf observation favorite lifts similarly after all probably is golf goods, with the ? lever neighborhood super with the article which is bought that is.

    It tries can be less crowded? Until with you say, without that as for J which it can be less crowded,

    "concave ? ? ? -. "

    With, while to do the reaction which cannot be said at all just just a little just the eye was made round.

    With Japanese ‘ ?????? it flies this "here, it is with please note. ‘ The ? ? it is written, it is, -. "

    With it explained once, but being delightful without being delightful, or such a ball not using ? passing, as for we ball the ? which flies it is,! When with you wanted to say, it was J which has the impression of passing to do rather in non expression.

    While having had signing to the small sketch book where it had, in addition appearing is him of the drum.

    Don’t you think? the "?, that watch it is good! ! "

    Simply, the ? ?it is cheaply and it is the Nike watch, but we just a little you see, stretching the glory,

    ", it comes, the ? -. On this just a little front you bought in London, it is. "(= Truth.)

    With it replied.

    When the ?, very this time J further conversation is thought… with, again he of the drum re-appearance.

    "we the ?, densely – – it is the ????? portable telephone you saw in the town, it is. Densely – – it is ????? it is the ? which is! ! "

    "obtaining? The ? it is with the ? it does? It is smaller than this? "

    While with saying, you show your own PHS which you bought 3 years, ago is not arrival ?? or Chinese character indication to him of that drum.

    "- – -, the sled ? which is what – -. The ?to be, – -. Try seeing, – -. "

    With it starts making a noise when,

    "say the ?. In ? ? ?. "

    With the J mass cis which floats the smile which does not become word.

    Well, such a thing compared to, you must convey to we, it had the message. As for Hokkaido the message which in Sapporo from YSMZ of the house is kept on the bulletin board. As for that, "please request What Else Is New and Can’t We Move This and Puke + Cry and The Wagon. "With it was something which is said. Depending, with while seeing has had signing,

    Saturday of "this time, the ? ? which has the tune which from direction north in view the ? the ? the friend who comes is, however it is, as for him is wanted playing your show in you you say, it is. As for that ‘ Puke + Cry ‘ with… "

    When with you say, again he of the drum puts the mouth instantly.

    "Oh! ! That’s the other one! ! "

    In other words it met "that as a candidacy it is! ! When "with we would like to say, however you think, that it is, J inquiring about the tune name, because ???? it had done, in other words the possibility" Puke + Cry "being performed considerably with Saturday show large! With seeing, it is appealing.


    "then however, ‘ Can’t We Move This ‘ is, don’t you think?. "

    When with you say, this and, doing the kind of face which just a little is surprised, the J mass cis which is corresponding. But as for this one perhaps, the possibility just a little of being performed it is little. "What Else Is New" and "The Wagon" being to play with show of this day boldly and did not do that it requests. Fake "What Else Is New" was 1 number of ??? and! But (… why the reaction was thin. The following "Same Day" had appealed.)

    The staff, "at this point…" with being urged by the word which is said, 4 our 2 groups which designate the back stage as afterwards. Demand it was from YSMZ, "please come out in ?????" "you to be as for another meaning there is no time when message of that thing" and so on is conveyed, "Dyna saw day stand on stage left side to, with something now being the right side? "" Please do tune more from the new album. While "" with Back Before You Go repelling the guitar, it is enormous to sing, don’t you think? is. When "" coming to the meeting place, you looked at you who get off the Shibuya hill however it is, it has gone somewhere it is? "To in addition to the large quantity we would like to saying it had the fact that we would like to hear, but it was time about of 5 – 10 minutes which pass and, this time as for that perhaps with the stomach 8 design ? ? feeling it is possible to be that. But (as for that name of the drum after all you do not understand and the stripe are.)

    Oh, it was pleasant nevertheless. And, with giving the opportunity of the seeing and valuable experience, the ? it is with very much thank you!

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