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    Just Like Heaven?


    Show Me The Way?

    I’ve never heard the "Show me the way" cover – so i just wanted to see what the other dino jr fans think.



    That’s not easy. ‘Just Like Heaven’ gets the edge today but ask me tomorrow and I might say ‘Show Me the Way.’



    I like Just Like Heaven a lot more but I just don’t know if it belongs on YLAOM mind you my reissues haven’t arrived yet



    Just Like Heaven

    I remember the first few times I heard it.I heard it on the radio but never had a tape ready to tape it!I did`nt even know it was a Cure cover for the longest time.It`s an amazing cover,the way it starts out with just bass and drums and J keeps adding guitars to it 8) like one critic said about the part when J sings ‘I must have been asleep for days’,you believe him :) plus the guitar solo rips :twisted:



    Just Like Heaven!



    just like heaven.

    "show me the way", even though i can’t stand peter frampton, is a great cover, though. BUT any live version of just like heaven beats them all! i actually don’t really like how dino handed it in the studio.



    i like the show me the way cover, i think just like heaven works better with the album cause you’re living all over me is the album everyone likes and just like heaven is the cover everyone likes. ive seen them/j play it waaaay too many times though so its kinda killed for me a bit, still like it though.

    personally i dont like the album with a bonus track. i just listen to my old vinyl

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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