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    Like it has been said elsewhere, the plans for the release of an official CD (and maybe later DVD) of the Northampton Show on April 30 seem to take shape (although nothing seems to be decided, yet) :D

    Steve Westfield (member of the band Steve Westfield and the Lonesome Brothers, who also performed at the Northampton show) is now working hard on coordination of the possible release of an Official CD/DVD

    On the Sonic Youth message boards, he posted the following question:

    Hello. My name is Steve Westfield. I was a part of the April 30th benefit concert at Smith college.
    I have already polled this site for reaction to a live DVD and CD of the show, and folks are interested.

    The DVD is a ways off, as I have yet to get all the permissions from the bands, but the CD is a go from all the musicians, including Deep Wound.

    We have three decent sources of sound. The stuff from the board is stereo and the soundguy tells me it rocks. We can’t release the whole thing, but I will edit it down to the choicest stuff and present it to the bands for approval.
    So…in the interest of democracy and the Net community, I am asking fans to list the three most happening Sonic Youth tracks from the show. I have to condense this thing somehow. Next up will be J, but for now please leave your SYchoices in this thread, and I will check back and use your input.
    By the way all proceeds from sales of this project will be given to Community Resources for People with Autism, hopefully giving a little cash flow for them other than the concert itself.
    That’s it for now. SW
    (feel free to pass this post around).

    so, I’m passing this post around now and ask those who have been there, and anyone else: what do you think, which J songs of the show should be picked most urgently? :?:

    J’s setlist was:

    01 Someone Said
    02 What Else Is New
    03 Flying Cloud
    04 Set Us Free
    05 Same Day
    06 Ammaring
    07 Little Fury Things (with SY’s Lee Ranaldo doing some vocals)
    08 That’s How It’s Gotta Be
    09 Never Bought It (Suzanne Thorpe from Mercury Rev/Wounded Knees on flute)
    10 Get Me
    11 Not You Again
    12 Thumb (Suzanne Thorpe on flute)
    13 Alone (Suzanne Thorpe on flute)

    And of course there was Deep Wound with Video Pricks

    hint: On FreeSoFree.net, anthony has put up big parts of his video recording of the show! :mrgreen:



    I didn’t listen to all of the songs so far, but I’d say, at least one of the songs with Suzanne Thorpe on flute should be included! :!:



    1. Thumb (Suzanne Thorpe on flute)
    2. Never Bought It (Suzanne Thorpe on flute)
    3. alone ( thorpe on flute)



    yeah, i’d say the 4 songs w/special guests as they’re a bit different than the usual acoustic live versions …


    Bucky Ramone

    Haven’t seen or heard anything of it on the end of my slooooooooooooowwww telephone line, but I would choose 1 solo J. song, Little Fury Things w/ Lee Ranaldo, and Alone w/ Suzanne Thorpe….



    i’d say Fying Cloud, Ammaring, little fury things, Never Bought it, Get Me, Not You Again, Thumb

    if only 3

    ammaring, little fury, never bought it



    never bought it
    set us free

    i’m aiming to have the rest of the videos up on the website this weekend sometime.
    if you want just audio, i can make mp3s or something out of the video for you.



    The songs with the guests :)



    Ammaring, Little Fury Things, Alone


    mike williamson

    Holy Shit! He played NEVER BOUGHT IT?!?!

    I’m going to take FULL credit for this happening.

    I’d been bummed that J’s been ignoring his later Dinosaur work live (except for ALONE) considering I think HAND IT OVER is one of his best albums.

    Anyways, at J’s show in LA at the Knitting Factory last year I asked him as he was setting up for his set if he’d play NEVER BOUGHT IT (one of my all time faves). He kind of shrugged it off and I said "Do you not remember it?" To which J replied "No, I remember it" and then started playing the C-D pre chorus part (So why…You…Me…Now) to prove it!

    Alas, that was all I was to hear of it, though. BUT…I firmly believe I planted the NEVER BOUGHT IT seed in his head to resurrect the tune.


    Therefore, the Northampton CD MUST include…


    SET US FREE (because he plays this in a different key on guitar live than he did on the studio track. He’s got the capo way up on the 7th fret I think. The album track doesn’t sound like that – unless it’s just buried under the traditional power chords he’s rockin’)


    And if I get a 4th…ALONE




    The songs that I liked the most at the show were:

    Set Us Free
    Little Fury Things
    Never Bought It



    I’ve been counting through the songs which have been mentioned so far:

    Never Bought It (w/ Suzanne Thorpe on flute) 7 votes
    Thumb (w/ Suzanne Thorpe on flute) 6 votes
    Alone (w/ Suzanne Thorpe on flute) 6 votes
    Little Fury Things (w/ Lee Ranaldo) 6 votes
    Set Us Free 3 votes
    Ammaring 2 votes
    Flying Cloud 1 vote
    Get Me 1 vote
    Not You Again 1 vote

    more posts are still welcome :D



    OH MAN! This was such a great show and J was amazing, I was so glad to see him.
    For songs I would think something like:
    Little Fury Things
    What Else is New
    Flying Cloud
    and poss.
    Set Us Free



    J has played Never Bought it live electric before so its not like he has never played it.


    mike williamson

    But, correct me if I’m wrong, he hasn’t played it live electric since the HAND IT OVER tour. Which was 7 years ago.

    It seemed to have gone the way of those countless songs which are played live only in support of that current album, then never again.

    Soooo… that’s why I’m stoked he brought it out again.


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