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    mike williamson

    So, first things first…The Fog show at HOB Los Angeles was amazing. I stood slackjawed for most of the show. Best J electric since the final Dino JR tour for HAND IT OVER.

    Secondly…Why is J without his own Marshall cabinets on this tour? Seems risky to rely on fans bringing them. From the San Diego pics, looks like he ended up completing one of his stacks with a bass cabinet???

    Couldn’t fit his own cabinets in the van now that Dave Schools takes up half of it, maybe? :)

    Hope all the shows sounded as good as LA, where he did have two full Marshall stacks.



    Why is J without his own Marshall cabinets on this tour?

    maybe b/c it was a mini w.coast tour + then he’s flying straight off to oz + nz for an acoustic tour … i guess he figured he wouldn’t need them on the acoustic tour + wouldn’t have an econo way of getting them back to the east coast … or maybe that has nothing to do w/it at all … did anyone meet j + ask him this very question ? :D



    interesting questions :?

    but I didn’t read any complaints about the sound anywhere, so it looks like it worked out fine. the volume in San Diego seemed not to be at the max, but still good, according to Beau’s review:

    "Beau" wrote:
    1) The volume wasn’t painfully loud. I left the plugs in my pocket. My ears aren’t ringing. He even turned down his amp a little during the 3rd or 4th song.


    Yes, I asked the "Oracle of Dephi" this very question, he told me find a few friends in town who have them and ask if you can help them carry them around to various places, load them in and out of vans for them for a few days, I think your question will be answered, and if J is heading for Australia, I don’t think he is going to go back east with them. It seemed like a smart thing, very pragmatic. I hope I spelled that right, I never use that word in print. Oh, a few of us thought , no we didn’t even think, the show in April was not that loud, well, not as load as it has been in the past. I thought it was perfect, I don’t use earplugs because I hate feeling like I can’t hear well, and my ears were fuzzy and ringing, but not like the last fog stop, when I worried for two days I had damaged my ears forever!
    Oh, p.s. not risky to rely on fans because if need be they could rent.

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