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    According to NME, Where’d You Go has entered the UK Indie Top 30 singles chart at number 5 this week.



    Yes, indeed, click here!


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    I wasn’t going to say anything, but…although I heartily disagree that it’s a dull tune, I do think that Same Day is MUCH more infectious. I thought maybe it was to account for differing tastes, nationally speaking, but I see you are from the UK and you think it’s dull, so that kinda blows that theory.




    Im glad its doing well, glad I bought it, but.. well, it’s a bit dull isn’t it? Youd have thought he would have wanted to advertise the album not put people off of it!

    The album has far better choons imho




    I think Where’d You Go is OK, and a good choice as a single. I think it has more commercial appeal than anything J has previously put out as a single, and is possibly the most ‘commercial’ sounding track on the album. However, I agree that Same Day is better. I reckon All The Girls would also make a good single.

    I was a bit disappointed with Can I Tell U Stories… Talking of B-sides, I still think Start Choppin’ backed with Turnip Farm and Forget It was the best.



    I like the music in "Where’d you go." It’s the words that are a little wierd. It seems to be about the point of view of a CD in the CD bins in a store. The CD does not seem to be sure it wants to be purchased… The attitude kind of reminds me of that old song by Jonny Lydon "This is what you want, This is what you get, (ECT, ECT, ECT,…) Well… not exactly but something like that.

    (There May be Errors in here…)

    Get it right. There’s a message that I got to heed this time.
    It’s not fun, I been wastin’ life and missing everything.

    Squeez my mind. Just to wring out the last drop of sense.
    The last time, and you told me so, you told me so.

    And it’s not wrong. It’s not wrong. It’s not wrong.

    Where’s today, where’s tommarow been.
    Wheres’s the peace I crave, where’s the life I’m in.
    Where’s today? why’s tommarow feel,
    like a whole new love, like a whole new deal?

    It’s not wrong.

    Where’d you go, I got time, please take me instead.
    Gotta know. the urgency shot right over my head.

    Feelin’ rough, but I’m holden out handen you my thought.
    Gettin’ tough, but I’m full of love, I’m full of love.

    It’s all part of the plan.
    I’m not saying that I like it or understand.

    But I just gave you my hand.
    Got a feeling that you’ll take me with you again.

    Where’s today?, where’d tommarow go?
    Did it all wash out? Something I should know?

    Where’s today? Why’s tommarow feel,
    Like a whole new love, like a whole new deal?

    And it’s all part of the plan.
    I’m not saying that I like it or understand.

    I gotta be grateful, I can’t. Cause I know that you’ll take me with you again.



    J has said that he doesn’t write autobiographically, but I think that’s a bit of a fib, some of the time at least. No offense, but the CD theory is weak, and I don’t get that from it at all. Where’d You Go has a very optimistic feel to it, and I think the music that I’ve heard so far is a little more upbeat that most of his previous work. I think J has to be feeling positive and more than a little liberated about his new beginning away from the whole Dino Jr thing, kind of a fresh start and out there with his own name on it. I always smile at the part of the song where he says "I’m full of love, I’m full of love." Sounds heartfelt, and it’s too cool.

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