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    Maybe a tad premature to think/write about this – but these reformation gigs have gotten me pondering possibilities. What with the Pixies talking about recording a new album what do folks think about the chances of Dino JR, J, Lou & Murph recording new material and if they did, should they?
    I’ve seen a few classic acts tread the boards over the past year or two who I NEVER expected to see live ever (such as Slint – who were great!!), or bands back on the same stage together, well ok we’re talking the Pixies and Dino Jr basically…. I used to work for the UK record label 4AD and I can assure you no one at that place EVER expected the Pixies to even acknowledge each others existence let alone tour again and make new material so… stranger things have happened!!
    Having seen Dino Jr back in the late 80s I have to say they really are better now than then. In fact this is easily the best I’ve seen Dinosaur Jr play (in any of their many incarnations) or indeed J’s Fog ensemble (though I haven’t yet seen the new line up).
    I ‘came of age’ in 89/90 and during the whole ‘grunge’ malarkey and saw bands play that have shaped me musically – blah blah blah. Some of them are still going/making music: Sonic Youth, Mudhoney, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds etc etc. Some are still making music Mark Lanegan, Kevin Shields (though not enough!) away from their bands. Some are on the nostalgia trail – Dinosaur Jr, Pixies etc. All of them seem so VITAL at the moment though. Sonic Youth just seem to be blazing a trail both live and on record and through their patronage of whatever it is Wire magazine is calling the ‘underground’ these days. Mudhoney seem to be tearing it up too. Their last two albums easily surpass their supposed grunge era releases quality wise. Old Nick Cave seems to have found a second wind in his latter years. Lanegans cranking them out (though pretty much sucking live imo – Screaming Trees reformation anyone?) and working his skinny butt off. It awaits to be seen what the Pixies new stuff sounds like. I pretty much lost interested in them after the Doolittle album, but all the same…. gotta be better than Razorlight or Good Charlotte…hasn’t it?
    So for Dinosaur Jr is this just a money making nostalgia trip/closure style exercise?
    Anyways – just letting off a bit of steam :D
    Anyone think I’m talking a lot of old rot?




    I was talking to my brother after the show in Boston on Friday and I’ve been pondering this a lot too. First off, I doubt they’ll record anything new. All of them have said they don’t really see it happening but seem to leave a very remote possibility. Hypothetically, if they did record, I’m not sure what I’d think about that. I don’t think they could possibly top the first three records based on what J and Lou’s solo stuff has been like over the past couple of years. Not that it hasn’t been great, it’s just not the same kind of great. I just don’t think, with where they are now, they would write music that is as revolutionary and inventive as what they did back then.

    Having said that, I’d be curious to hear it and will always support whatever they put out. I’m sure I’d be at least as into it as I am J + The Fog if not more into it. I’m just not sure it could ever live up to the music these three put out originally.



    I doubt it would happen too.I can imagine if they did Lou maybe would play guitar on his own tunes and J would switch to bass,now that would be cool :) I think though J wants to get back to The Fog stuff and Lou back to his solo career or revive Sebadoh or whatever.



    i´ve said it before in some other thread but…what the hell; wouldnt it be cool if, next summer, J teams up with Mike J and Berz (or possibly keep Murph) and does another reunion tour playing songs from Where you Been – Hand It Over. I like that period, just listen to the bootlegs from that time, some of them (especially from the green mind era) are amazing. J sounds so pissed off back then.

    But i have to agree that Dino Jr probably has never sounded better then now. The original trio was not this good live back in the days.(judging from livevideos and bootleg recordings)

    As far as new recordings with Lou and Muph goes i dont see it happening. I´d totally support it and im sure it´d turn out great but after reading tons of interviews im pretty sure it wont happen.



    I could definitely see it happening. They have some creativity left IMO. I could still picture them coming up with new material but they have to want it. It will only happen if they are romanticized again about creating music and able to get along. This was the test the 1st time around.



    my opinion is that if they are going to reunite and produce some new material, they might as well do it now, because any longher, and its definately going to suck..



    DINOSAUR will NOT record any new tunes together!
    sez me 8)
    let bygones be bygones
    this tour ties up a whole lotta stuff.
    move on…
    s 8)
    "…nostalgia is death"
    …bob dylan



    I agree. I mean, they all have their own things now. New material would be cool but it’s just so weird to think about, considering their history…



    Stanner, said it. I think as Lars_Gefle said they are "better" musicians now, 17 years or so of playing would tend to do that. I heard something in those Boston MP3’s that were posted here. I heard J’s voice NOT coming from the bottom "chakra" through his heart and out, those songs are coming right out of his thoat "chakra" without much processing. ( My opinion only) Having the adoration of crowds is nice but come on, these wonderful songs are from almost 20 years ago!!! I hope J uses this as a point a finishing up of old business, a mending of loose ends, making some money, and then go on to part 2 of his life!!!! :P :P :P MORE GREAT NEW
    We can pray.

    I felt I should edit and say the guitar work is phenomenal, very clear and worked out, not risky or anything, it is what one would expect from a professional. I could not help feeling a little sad like during certain songs, like Tarpit, as good as these recordings are, they seem to remind me of sex with my husband. After 14 years, while outstanding as it is, because it is not "new" it can quickly fall into the "going through the motions" catagory. This stuff (reunion music) is good, real good, but it is not lifting me up to a new level or anything in my mind ,J really does seem like he is just sort of going through with it. That is not to say that he is not good at what he is doing.

    We can pray. :?



    try the howard stern trick and put YLAOM on the Hi-Fi at maximum volume and then put the speaker on the floor and squat over the woofer. this should definately spice things up !!! wow… for fun your partner could adjust the equalizer via remote or by hand.



    They are playing songs that are 20 years old and a lot of stuff J’s been playing since the 80s. No band is going to keep playing the same songs with the same passion forever. Maybe if they had new stuff to play it would be different :wink: . I personally don’t think it sounds any less passionate then it did in the early years but I didn’t go to any shows back then, I’m just basing that on recordings I’ve heard.

    As long as they keep making music in general, I don’t really care if it’s together as a band or separately as solo artists or with other bands. I just love J and Lou’s music so much, I’ll take it anyway I can get it. I’d be excited for new material if they wanted to try it but I’m not counting on it and won’t be disappointed if they don’t record anything new.



    What perfect way to end a reunion and close the Dino Chapter by playing YLAOM from start to finish. I wish this could go on forever, and would buy and listen to any new material in a heartbeat, but I believe that the final show posted in the UK may be the curtain call.


    "rasmusd" wrote:
    What perfect way to end a reunion and close the Dino Chapter by playing YLAOM from start to finish. I wish this could go on forever, and would buy and listen to any new material in a heartbeat, but I believe that the final show posted in the UK may be the curtain call.

    Honestly, I believe this reunion will go on for a while… I read an interview where Murph says the band has been booked way into 2006. Also, it seems they are really enjoying playing together, so why should the give it up so fast ? And since it has been recently said somewhere on this forum that they are even rehearsing to play THE WAGON live w/Lou, chances are good they are interested in expanding their setlist. I guess there’s more to come… fingers crossed :roll:



    i agree man, i say let it go while it still can, i want them to come back asap and ill go right out to see em again and love it just as much. its the real deal and its fucking great.



    maybe they should start by guesting on eachother’s next records … especially j + lou b/c their voices sound so awesome together 8) :D

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