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    Hi folks…
    My friend told me ounce that when you blow up your guitar on stage the broken pieces go to a place named fragmented space… Where they still existing beyound time …

    In the old days i had a 1963 sunburst jaguar, a 1970 ferrari red SG, a Cherry path 50 Les Paul Classic…

    The first one was sold with my heart bleeding of course… (i really had to do that… ;()
    The second was stoled on Xmas night from my house… too bad… but it´s true man!!
    The third.. Well, this one i confess, id did fuck up throwing, grinding, kicking… etc…

    Weeks ago, a friend told me that he saw, at the church, a SG guitar pretty muck like my stoled one…

    Well, i will not point the finger on god causes…
    And if He wanted my guitar there, maybe it would sounds better for divine purposes… Who knows…
    God have a strange sense of humor, isn´t it ??
    That´s not a big deal… stoled or not, playing at the church or whatever… I already got another guitar… Not as good as my olds, but it still making the noise i want… I don´t like stratocaster models, but that´s the one my cash could buy… so…
    I´ll still playing till another gods revelation to me… <img>


    Randy Jane

    yeah man…in highschool, I let one of my "friends" borrow a little amp off of me, (my first amp:’86 Fender sidekick 15 reverb). I asked him to bring it back to me, because I had to take my bigger amps to the band room and didnt have anything to play on at home, so he did, but I got sick the day he brought it (about a week after I told him to bring it). I had been playing for almost 9 years then, so Id had it that long and he said he didnt want to take it back home with him, so he sold it to this guy for $5…lucky for the him, the guy only bought it because he thought I would like it….I was about to beat him up (im never that mean, but…dont steal/sell my equipment) but I explained it to guy who bought it and he got his money back, and I got my amp back…..lucky for someone….dont know who, but…someone.



    Calimero jr.

    As Depeche Mode said:

    "I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumours, but I think that God’s got a sick sense of humour, and when I die, I expect to find him laughing…."

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