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    I’ll just hang while you abuse it….Okay, I’ve heard J say he writes in third person but I’m having this kind of day. I’m not sure how one goes about having a nervous breakdown….when you are a parent….I believe it’s no longer an option. What I really want for Christmas is one of those poles with wheels on it, like you have in a hospital….with endless plastic bags of morphine and a Heparin Lock …and the button that you push that gives you the dose when you need it. Where could I get like 20 cartons of plastic morphine bags? So funny, Holiday’s no longer stressfull..OH, we are on our way to Atlanta to hang out with the family….I’m gonna need an extra carton of morphine. Okay, so drug abuse is not funny….but neither is Mama abuse….and no one in this house is talking smack to me today….my husbands in a great mood…it’s just no one wants to sweep or mop, or do the dishes or laundry or feed the dogs, or clean the shower, the toilets…cook the meals although the kids are doing their own breakfast now, Thank YOU God!!!…..dammit, when the economy was rocking, I had a maid….now it’s just me.
    Oh, doing laundry is not only separating colors but spot treating things that need it…Georgia dirt, blood, yes we have three women menstruating in this house, thank you very much…chocolate ice cream on a brand new shirt..thank you very much….then comes MOVING the clothes to the dryer (this seems to baffle everyone but me in this house)…they come out and are folded….this takes a while, better to put on some music…or a good streaming radio station…..then the folded laundry is taken to the correct room and gently placed on the bed..where it is to be placed in drawers by the children but on Friday, I see them all dressing themselves from the laundry that has fallen to the floor and was never put up. I should have been one of those Scorpio, Leo or Aries Moms that yell alot…I’m just too mellow and look where it’s gotten me….

    I’ll feel better later on….don’t worry. :alien:

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