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    buckingham rabbit

    after nine months of unemployment i have finally found a job. what sucks is that i can’t listen to music at work. before, i used to listen to music probably 8-10 hours a day–if i was at home most the day. i’ve mostly always been in school before that, so this is really the first time ive been faced with repeated 9 hour days of no opportunity to listen to anything. and while i dont have very much time to listen to stuff, i still have the compulsion to buy new cds. also, now that i have a cable modem audiogalaxy has been kicking my ass.

    so i am wondering how many hours a day everyone listens to music and where they go about doing so.



    Hey BR,

    Congrats on the cable thing, no doubt your doing some catching up in the ag kinda way <img>

    The job though, nine hours without a sound <img>
    I bring my discman to work and use it about 1 1/2 hrs out of 8…sometimes more <img> At home there is usually something on so probably 4-6 hrs daily, if trapped indoors though could be up to 8.

    I may have more time at the end of the month though, nasty labour dispute brewing <img> <img> <img> Not sure if thats a bad thing in a couple ways <img>


    strange thing thou, I do hear music in my head most of the time..even when theres none playing <img> Maybe I should go take my medication…

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    I`m not sure how many hours a day but it varies on some days,this past weekend I listened to alot,other days not as much.



    Gratulations for finding a this job!

    At the office I don’t have a change to listen to music; just like Allison I have to listen to my mental jukebox. At home, there is always music on. There is a very nice Alternative FM-station around (KINK-FM) and ofcourse I listen to cd’s a lot.



    Whenever I’m not working at the library, I listen, I drive to school and back 4 times a week @30 minutes each way, thats 4 hours, plus I listen whenever I’m in my room for more than 4 minutes, and whenever I’m on the computer (gotta see what kazaa drug in)


    Bucky Ramone

    At work: cd-player with radio:
    – Radio during the daytime tuned to a FM station that plays your average top 40 stuff
    – CD-player when everybody’s gone at 17.00, I play my own cd’s for a couple of hours

    Two times a week I make a two-hour train-trip, always have my discman with me, that’s about 2 cd’ per trainride…..

    In the evening (when I’m not out to a gig, or playing snooker, or playing darts, or watching football (the soccer-variety) at a pub) I listen to a lot of cd’s!



    I got music on in my room, car, and on md almost all the time. Really listening to music is another thing, guess I sit down and listen and concentrate on the music three to four hours a week. Now that my bonnie is over the ocean, my bonnie is over the sea you could add a couple of hours.

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