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    I recently saw a stand-up comedian who claimed that he could detect all the white trash in the audience by the number of people eating nachos.

    Inspired, I present a poll for your Sunday-afternoon enjoyment.

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    What about Bull riding?that`s my fav <img>



    I just love White Trash Soul…not a spectator sport but WOW <img>

    no votes for professional wrestling…bring back the crusher and that would change <img>




    am i the only one lurking out here old enough to remember a cool and funny, sad but true song called something like, pegged in the head with a lawn dart, by the incomparable ed’s redeeming qualities. got it on wicked old cassette tape, however i cannot manage to find it on cd or vinyl anywhere, at least not the stuff by them that i want. btw lawn darts is a superior (your skin color here) trash sport but like ANY trash sport, always more fun to play than to get killed just watching… but shit you gotta be at my parents annual 4th of july party if you wanna see the REAL THANG!
    cuz ya cain’t buy ’em anymore folks…



    Damn, only one vote for rasslin’?

    Yeah, I don’t like the WWE monopoly either but that seems to be the only game in town for now.

    Regional action used to be the best, with three major federations and stars that would tour and rotate around a bit. Not much flavor anymore. I did like the ECW hardcore gigs a few years back, but it looks like that type of action is fading away as well.
    Never did get to see Crusher live, but I did see Dick the Bruiser in a cage match before he died. Think he might have been in his 60’s. The old man was not much for autographs, but he still did his thing.

    I think the Freakscene Bunkhouse Lumberjack Strap Match Battle Royal is coming soon! <img>



    I have a Biohazerd Keychain. <img> Was glad to see him be the champeen this season



    Rosa, I have to say that the comedians detection of the nachos is good.

    However I think many will agree with me that one of the best if not the best way to detect true white trash in an audience is to just look for the…….MULLET !! <img> Need I say more <img>



    Long Distance Drunk

    Wrastlin’. Although going to red-neck bars can be much more fun. Like when metal guys ask you who your favorite rock group is and they have never heard of Dinosaur Jr <img>



    I just wanted to resurrect this thread, and point out that Battlebots is winning at a strong 50% <img>


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