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    We didn’t have this topic before, right? Guess not. And I could make this into a poll, but it seemed to me that there are too many options to choose from. <img>

    So here we go… how many Dino/J t-shirts do you own, and which one is your favorite? I own no more, sadly, than three Dinosaur Jr. and two J + the Fog shirts. My favourite, without a doubt, is the classic purple shirt with cow and gorilla. How about you?



    Hello <img>

    I have 0 Tshirts of Dinosaur Jr/J Mascis <img>

    Maybe if he’s coming 2 Europe this summer I can buy a J Shirt, would b cool



    I have no t shirts either,once saw the t shirt for Where You Been with the cover art on it.


    ham steak

    I had the shirt with the guy with thepeeled back skull and cleaver. Excellent artwork, but I washed it once and it didn’t even come close to fitting. I gave it to someone small.

    I’ve got a purple J and the Fog "More Light" shirt. It’s nice.

    My favorite is the purple shirt with the cow on the front and gorilla on back. However, my gorilla and a few others I’ve seen has faded almost completely off.



    the green mind shirt with the tour dates from 91 is my fav. also have a fog shirt with the bug getting it ‘s wings ripped off (atleast it looks like that)



    I have the Where You Been cover on a black tshirt…my fav. Have the purple more light cover shirt as well as a white bat like creature tshirt from the more light tour.

    Allison <img>


    buckingham rabbit

    i dont really wear t-shirts anymore, but i have 3 dinosaur jr shirts, remnants from high school really.

    ive got the white one with the insane asylum people on it from the back of WOS.

    got the black one with the close-up of the dog.

    but my all time favorite is the black one with the ogre and the princess. i wore that shirt so many times. in pictures from that era, half the time i am wearing that shirt. now the print has cracked and stuff and the collar is starting to get holes and worn, but its still wearable. havent worn it for a long time though. <img>



    I have got three t-shirts.

    one black dinosaur jr t-shirt with cowface. like the cow on whatever’s cool with me booklet and green mind on Ace Frehley’s head=)

    The cow is black and white, but where it’s black and white on the original cow, it’s vice verca on my t-shirt. perhaps a fake shirt, the dinosaur jr
    logo is not as on the green mind and the following albums.

    Also have a purple j mascis and the fog shirt
    and a white with the bat <img>

    It’s easy to get older dino shirts on ebay if you have money, which I don’t. <img>

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    I have the "boy and blob" shirt. <img>

    It’s very special ’cause it was a gift from a friend… He saw it in a local record shop a couple years ago, around Christmas time and was like "Must buy for Matt." <img>

    I also have the white Fog shirt w/ the bug and the wings and stuff. Wearing it right now. <img>

    Wish I’d had enough for the purple Fog shirt as well back when J came to town, but I only had enough for one, and everyone else was buying the purple album cover one, so I just had to be different… <img>



    Helloooooo! I’ve missed you! Cool topic, Jasper! I’ve got three t-shirts, they’re too worn now, I’ve got a black one with the cover of "Where you Been", a white one with one of these Dino’s "little monsters", but my favourite is a long-sleeve white T-shirt with the cover of "Dinosaur" CD in its front. I went to a store where they’re able to transfer anything in paper to a T-Shirt. I’ve got some nice T-shirts using this "technic". Well, I think it’s time to do another Dino T-shirt…



    My favorite is the Monster and Boy one that SST sells. I wear it at least once a week at school, and some people even know me as the ‘dinosaur kid’ because the flannel (almost everyday i wear flanel, not sure why) covers up the jr part. I also have the J bat/bug one that I got at a show in april of last year in DC.



    I only have the sst boy and the blob t shirt i ordered it off ebay and its way to small for me so i cut off the sleeves and wear it in the summer when i try to pick up the ladies, but my favorite t shirt would have to be my punisher skull ts hirt i love it more than life it slef



    I’ve got:

    – purple with big cow face
    – black with the monster and the girl next to a castle (two of these – the colors of the picture are different on them)
    – black with a purpleblack gorilla and a cow
    – green with dog and fire hydrant
    – purple with guy and a fish
    – white Fog one with bat thing on front

    My favorite is definitely the cowgorilla one. Bought it from a charity auction and it was autographed, but I washed it thinking it would be permanent ink and it wasn’t. <img>

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    K7 Rides Again

    <img> <img> Kurticus has never owned a Dino shirt and probably never will <img> <img>


    Randy Jane

    I really want the purple one with the cow and gorilla on it, buttheyre like $25 now, and I dont have that much money for a shirt.

    THe one I do have, I bought off of Ebay a while back, its the Feel the Pain print, (guy being choked) its from the tour, it has the red letters instead of the yellow ones.

    Yeah, Me

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