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    Ok, here goes the story.

    I was half asleep, with my radio on and the local station played a Dino or J M song sometime between 2-4am, and i was listening to it, and i completely loved it.

    Being half a sleep i somehow concluded, the track was "heaven is a truck…" and when i woke up in the morning i realised that was a pavement song, so i was quite annoyed.

    It was a defenitely a b-side track i think, as i know it hasn’t appeared in any of the main albums. Sounded circa 1997. It was quite mellow slowish paced, sad-ish lyrics, and it must have had the word "heaven " in it.. It was pretty long, and ended with a simple but appropriate solo that faded out.

    If anyone has any ideas, i would greastly appreciate it :) or list some suggestions and i will look into all of it!

    I’ve tried emailing the station for the playlist and have not heard from them.




    Sorry, coming up blank :(

    RD has a great discography site where you can check the titles of all the singles/releases & see if that helps…. :aliensmile:

    Good luck :!:


    Calimero jr.

    Would be really nice indeed if J had covered "Heaven is a Truck" !!

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