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    buckingham rabbit

    the american analog set–from our living room to yours. this is a pretty great album, especially the first song, ‘magnificent seventies’.

    verlaines–juvenilia. stuff like this is why i love the kiwi rock.

    townes van zandt–our mother the mountain. shit.



    Hey BR
    Speaking of kiwi bands,are you into Bailter Space?Allison and myself have been listening to them lately,I only have one album by them-Robot World;do you have any of their albums?

    American Analog Set are cool,Townes is one of my fav songwriters.


    buckingham rabbit

    SG, bailter space are probably the only major flying nun band that i don’t have anything by. i’ve been meaning to pick something by them up, just haven’t really gotten around to it.

    do you know of some story about gerard cosloy of matador unplugging them during their set at a matador promo event or something? or did i just imagine this?



    I don`t know if Cosloy unplugged them but he dropped them from the label,problably because they were`nt selling enough.Seems other bands have had problems with Matador,Silkworm left,Bettie Serveert(were they dropped too?,they had a song on their last record called Mariachi Souls,I think it might be about the split with Matador)
    Ever hear about Natalie Merchant and Bettie Serveert?Natalie kicked the Betties off her tour for being too loud,but they ended up meeting up with each other at Lilith Fair,so Bettie Serveert had the last laugh on her.


    buckingham rabbit

    yeah, natalie merchant–she sucks. gerard might have kicked off teenage fanclub too. i don’t think he is fond of them.



    1. Weezer-Blue Album
    2. Nuggets: a collection of Garage and whatnot from the sixties-volume 1
    3. The Grateful Dead-American Beauty
    4. Turtle Island String Quartet-Spider Dreams
    5. Kazaa Mix II
    6. Weezer-Green Album



    Horace Silver-Song For My Father-early 60`s jazz on the Bluenote label;Horace is a great pianist,still around today but his 50`s and 60`s records are the best.

    Freakwater-End Time-great alt country band,one of my favs;great album,den buck said so!Two childhood friends;Catherine and Janet;Janet has been a member of Eleventh Dream Day for the past 20 years.

    Richard Buckner-Devotion And Doubt-another of my fav alt country/folk artists.I`ve heard him called "Dwight Yoakum on ludes" which is kinda accurate or "the Velvet Underground at a hootenanny".I think he`s the only other guy out there who could give Jay Farrar a run for his money.



    Dug out some Bear Quarter and Drop 19’s. Been listening to some old John Peel tapes I used to record off the radio as a kid – lots of Dino sessions, with Noon at Dawn being my favourite – Mike J on vocal duties. Some great Bettie Serveert sessions too, and Archers sessions. Damn that man used to play some good stuff, althought also some stuff a little too "experimental" for me, as well as the totally weird "Your Achievement" a 4 second Napalm Death number.

    Any Napalm fans out there?




    I only listen to The Cure right now
    Some classic albums like:
    * Disintegration
    * The Top, with that beautiful song "Piggy In The Mirror"
    * 17 Seconds
    * Pornography
    * John Peel Sessions



    Nothing Painted Blue-Placeholders-not a bad album,kinda jangly indie stuff

    East River Pipe-The Gasoline Age-nice album,some of the songs remind me of Springsteen meets Sparklehorse.

    Hooverphonic-The Magnificient Tree-Belgium band,kinda Portishead like at times.

    Autour De Lucie-Faux Mouvement-band from France,sung in french;good mix of guitars and electronics.

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