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    I have a 72 Thinline Telecaster and a Fender Avalon Acoustic. Im ampless right now, but own a US Big Muff Pedal and use it occasionally on a Marshall Combo at a friends…

    Hoping to buy a Gretsch or a Gibson as soon as I can afford it, (after a decent amp and more pedals/ effects/ etc)


    Randy Jane

    :bat: I like the bat!
    I just bought a ’72 style Tele body and neck with a wood pickguard for $60. Fun fun. I’m gonna slap some P90’s in it, dont know what guard to use (not the wood thing) or what color to finish it to yet though. Debating a Bigsby style bridge perhaps. Came with all neck hardware….big CBS headstock. I think it’s all Squier, but….I like Squier so I don’t care. So now I have 6 Squiers….hahaHA!!!!

    Divorce presents rock!



    Calimero jr.

    For now I have a ’97 Stratocaster Ultra (black with perloïd pickguard) a Fender Performer 650 amp and a Big Muff Pi…and a super crappy folk guitar. ;D

Viewing 3 posts - 121 through 123 (of 123 total)

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