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    swervegarden jr

    cool thread…

    i’ve got a 1973 mustang http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=002&item=120005049927&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWN%3AIT&rd=1″>http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … %3AIT&rd=1

    peavey rock master pre-amp into the power amp of a musicman 65 reverb head, through a homemade 2×12

    vox wah

    yamaha stage custom advantage with all a custom cymbals



    i just posted this somwhere else lol

    i use a ds-1 i have a ibanez cab {which when i went to find a cab }i played the little marshall and the cab i have now the ibanez sounded better.i have a marshall head 100 watts and i have a ibanez axe series guitar.



    my favourite are my pedals, the rest is crap:

    blue box

    hoping to get a superfuzz built by someone.

    i use a crappy squier strat which is breaking down soon, and a roland amp (cube 15, not very loud)



    I’ll never understand what people see in the Blue Box.



    ever tried using it with other pedals not just itself?

    ever trien turning halfway and turning on the wah?

    ever tried to turn it on with another dist pedal and turn your amp to the max and putting your guitar next to the amp? the noise is better than feedback, its like when a tv channel doesnt work and the sound is all fuzzy

    blue box rules. maybe not as an effect to be used individually because the volume on it is too low but otherwise its fucking great. it also adds a LOT of sustain when i use it with my ds1



    I’m just not feeling the Blue Box.



    do you have it?



    I’m using this live:
    Flying V or Les Paul. Occaisonal Jazzmaster or Tele

    Boss Overdrive/EH Hot Tubes(new style w/tubes)/Dano Backtalk/Digitech Whammy2/ 70’sMemory Man SPLIT:
    A) Boss PH-3, Dunlop Tremolo into Roland JC-50 or 120
    b) Vox Wah into Fender Hot Rod Deluxe or 66 Fender Showman into Marshall 4×10.

    I like to blast the bigger set up, but the little set-up is more controlable and easier on the back.

    Noise, lead, rythym, it does the trick.

    I gotta couple of old fuzzies: Three old Muffs, Shaftebury Duo Fuzz(Univox Super Fuzz UK import), Roland Bee Baa. Don’t use any of them live but quite a bit for overdubs. I have almost every boss distortion for the last 20 years.



    I build my own guitars. My main guitar is the "Tele" you see in my avatar.

    On the pedal board (not in this order)… Big Muff, Ibanez Tube Screamer TS9DX, Small Clone, Guyatone VT-3 tremolo, Arion octave (yeah, Arion, I got it for $15 and it’s the best sounding octave pedal I’ve heard!), Boss AW-2 Auto Wah, MXR Phase 90 (modded), an old 80s MXR Time Delay analog delay, EH Holy Grail reverb. Also a Fender PT-100 tuner. A lot of these pedals are in Loop-Master true-bypass loops. Everything is powered by 2 Dunlop DC bricks, except for the Holy Grail, which uses it’s own AC adaptor.

    I run it all into a Tech 21 Trademark 60 amp, and I have an ART delay in the effects loop.


    "SonicD " wrote:
    do you have it?

    Yea I do. I didn’t like it originally and then I did the C11 mod to it. It’s a little better, but didn’t warrant me paying 80 bucks or whatever for it.



    when modded it loses its octave effect.

    its a fun pedal though. try putting the blend knob halfway then turning a distortion pedal (if you have one) then turn on the wah. its fun



    1979 Fender Mustang (Japanese) Vox Wah MXR Blue Box Big Muff russian, Big Muff American, Custom Built Superfuzz copy ernie ball volume pedal boss tremolo mxr phase 100 MXR Flanger Electro-Harmonix Memory Man. My amps a shitty 15 watt combo and i’m looking into either a vox or a marshall to replace it



    GUITAR: Squier stratocaster (black)
    AMP: Unknown 15-watt with angel ornament on front
    EFFECTS: ProCo Turbo Rat (main pedal), MXR Phase 90 (broken)
    STRINGS: Ernie Ball (light), Dean Markley



    My current setup is this:

    Squier Jagmaster customized with GFS Dream 90 pickups into a CryBaby Wah into a Russian Big Muff into a Little Big Muff into a Boss Digital Delay into a Danelectro Fab Flange (sounds good, made like garbage) split into a Sunn Concert Lead Head into Peavey 2×10 Cabinet and a Peavey Prowler 1×12 combo…I’m looking to expand it.

    Currently on the radar: Germania Treble Booster, Nano Clone and an Electric Mistress.

    I had an MXR Blue Box, but I just didn’t dig it at all. I’m happy with everything I have now. It’s good stuff.



    guitar: agave blue fender strat or silver sparkle squier supersonic into russian big muff > little big muff> budda budwah> ibanez phaser> 72′ Acoustic Control Corporation 150 head with an unknown cab

    ovation tangent series acoustic as well.

    bass: black ernie ball music man stingray > big muff >72′ Acoustic Control Corporation 150 head with an unknown cab
    (it oddly enough has both  guitar and bass channels.)

    also hoping to expand

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