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    I hear ya on the solo thing, eggwater. I went to this party awhile back and there were a couple of guitars there and this guy picks up one of them and starts playing along with some trendy pop song playing on the radio. I picked up the other guitar and started soloing over it and the guy turns to me and says ‘hey, that’s not how the song goes, you’re not playing it right..’ [img]images/smiles/converted/rolleyes.gif[/img] What a dork…



    I got an early musicmaster with a mustang vibrato, a gibson es-125t (63), a silvertone 1448 (59 with the amp in case) and a 1930’s archtop (I think it’s a harmony). for amps I have a peavey practice amp that sounds like total ass, and a cmi electronics 100 watt head (it has 4 channels and a built in Maestro Phaser!!!). I put the head through a bass cabinet and I usually just turn up really loud, but sometimes I use on of those dan armstrong orange squuezer treble boosters that mounts on the input jack of the guitar.

    the only pedals I have are an electroharmonix frequency analyzer for that wacky devo sound and a electroharmonix little big muff that sounds exactly like the distortion on "new rose" by the damned.

    oh and I got a 1960’s slingerland drum kit for the other band I play in.



    I know this is an old thread but I couldn’t resist.


    Main – 62′ Amercian Vintage Jazzmaster Reissue (Sherwood Green) Mods – Mustang bridge, Seymore Duncan Vintage Jazzmaster Pick ups, White Pearloid Pick guard, and white knobs

    1999 American Standard Telecaster (Black) Mods – Black/Silver Pearloid Pickguard

    1991 Made in Japan Fender Jaguar (White)

    1989 American Standard Strat (Sunburst) Mods – 3 Dimarzio stacked humbuckers w/ neck and bridge positions tapped so that they can be single coil, Black knobs, Brown Tortuise Shell Pick guard

    2003 Silvertone Paul Stanley Signiture Series Acoustic Guitar

    Amp – Fender Cyber Twin

    Effects – Vox Wah Pedal



    This is a cool thread, I havn’t seen it before, well anyway….

    Guitars –
    1988 Gibson SG Special (Black, black pickguard) I usually play this the most
    Fender Jagstang (red)
    Ibanez RG series (dark green), my first ‘real’ guitar
    Really nice Washburn Acoustic
    Fender Strat CIJ (sunburst)
    Vesta??? Bass guitar, black and a cool shape, bought it off a friend for next to nothing

    I had a CIJ telecaster but I had to sell to pay for my amp :(

    Amp –
    Fender Cyber Twin
    40W Marshall

    Effects –
    Got a massive midi foot controller with the cyber twin which gets me by, i’m gonna get sum seperate pedals soon


    Randy Jane

    Guitars (that I actually use anyways..not that sit in the closet):
    Epiphone ’67 V RI. Got this one autographed by Kerry King.
    98 Squier Strat – refinished to blue then reliced.
    ’89 Squier Strat (Korean) with a floyd, a white humbucker of some sort in the neck, a Duncan JB in the bridge and a stock single from a strat copy that I burnt…..it sounds pretty kool. Its black.
    ’00 Squier Telecaster that is about to undergo a LOT of heavy surgery. I am stripping the finish, adding a binding (both sides) and refinishing to black (in nitrocellulos) and a tortoise pickgaurd…..then Im debating a relic job.
    ’74 Fender Mustang – Sunburst…..yeah…..I added a humbucker…..what?
    ’87 Martin D-2832
    Effects: (in order from amps to guitar) Dod Stereo Chorus, Dunlop Crybaby, Dod YJM308 (Thanks Javro!!!) Dod Grunge (shut up) and a Boss Md-2.
    Amps: Fender M-80 2×12 Combo with Chorus (90 or 91).
    Marshall Mosfet Head (89 I think) on top of a Laney 4×12 with Fender special design speakers.

    I don’t really like the Marshall head though. It sounds like a classic Marshall does, and if you like that tone, then its a GREAT amp for you…..I just dont like it. I need more gain than the Ramones. Even with my pedals I cant get a good distortion tone….maybe with a Muff or something I could, but not now. Maybe it would sound good for bass though……if not..Ill be selling it.



    100 w marshall valvestate. Might try to get another amp when time is right. I mainly need warm, lightly distorted sound.

    I have two fender jazzmasters, don’t really need both, so I might sell one of them someday. they are both vintage.
    A fender Mustang 1965 for sale
    Hagstrom 12 string electrical guitar. – nice guitar, from 1968
    fender telecaster ( corona 1999?`)
    ibanez s540 hehe.. got it cheap six years ago. but haven’t used it because I haven’t put on enough strings. it has string lock. I have never tried switched strings on those type of guitars before.



    i’ve got an mim standerd strat into a big muff, into a deluxe electric mistress, into a hotrod deville, not the greatest rig ever, but its mine and the strat plays better than most of the new american strats ive played, although im about to sink my wallet into a jazzmaster.



    randy jane: if I lived in US, you could have had a look on the guitars, but I live in Europe. guitars and everything are more expensive here, so I probably will sell locally when it’s time.


    black tiger

    ’62 Lake Placid Blue Jazzmaster (not a reissue), Orville goldtop Les Paul, mid 60s Vox AC10, ’71 Marshall PA20, 60s tube Watkins Copicat tape echo, 70s Little Big Muff.



    I have a taste for blue color guitars.
    But besides jazzmaster, and fender guitars, I would like to try a dusenberg (i know ronnie wood has one.) Or maybe a gretch silverjet or rocketjet. anyone tried these? I want a rough, but warm tone ( not too jazzy) and add a slight little distortion/fuzz.



    i have an alvarez yairi DY-45 (1985)

    original 1966 fender mustang (it’s in terrible shape though)

    1971 gibson SG std (just before they discontinued it)

    and……*drumroll* my awesome mother had THIS beauty waiting for me when i returned home…..

    i also brought a few really cool african drums home…pics soon..



    Cool thread :) Here’s my stuff:

    Guitar wise:
    1966 Fender Jazzmaster (bought 6 months ago ? it?s beautiful, saved up for months for this baby, black refin with white scratchguard and bound neck/pearl inlay bits ? I?m gonna get it refined BACK to Sunburst, got a nice tortoiseshell scratchguard to go on it etc…)
    1992 Fender Squire Telecaster ? first guitar. Surprisingly good cheap guitar! Doesn’t stay in tune – but easy to play.
    New Tangelwood Dreadnought acoustic. For those 6 Organs/Bert Jansch moments ;) Nice guitar – hooked it up with a pick up.

    Univox Superfuzz (orange and blue 70s version – incredible pedal!!! – sounds like a bomb going off!!!)
    Electro Harmonix MOGWAI Big Muff (1 of 50 made for the band Mogwai by those lovely EH folks IN New York – V RARE promotional item made to celebrate the release of their ?Rock Action? album ? this is basically a Big Muff with all the scripts changed? I will hopefully one day sell this for a lot of money – or just hang onto it and pass it on my grandchildren – not bad really)
    Russian Zovtek Big Muff (big green tank of a pedal!)
    Electro Harmonix Small Stone phazer (hence my name…:)
    Electro Hamonix Electric Mistress flanger
    Electro Harmonix Smal Clone
    Line 6 Echo Park – delay pedal
    Jim Dunlop Wah Wah
    Danelectro Tremelo (someones borrowed this…gave it back buggered!)
    Danelectro French Toast (a distortion/octave pedal – the fuzz is good a bit like a trebly Superfuzz, the octave switch is rubbish!)
    All this goes through a Fender Blues Junior amp I picked up on Eay a few months ago for ?200! Bargain!
    + Mapex drum set. I’m a really terrible guitarist – I should stick to playing drums!!!!


    Randy Jane


    Guitars: A fender telecoustic, a fender strat 1979, version without tremelo (great sustain), epiphone riviera (firebird red) Bass: Washburn xb-120 (only use it in my homestudio)
    Amps: Marshall 8240 (stereo chorus), VOX AC30 VTX
    lots of pedals, but I don’t use them any more because of the VOX.

    Well infact I’m more a singer using a guitar. Of course I know all the cords and play some licks but…I wish I had more talent ;-(
    Anyway I love guitars so much for the sound and the looks.
    Do you know anything that is invented between 1958 -1962 that still is so relevant. Flying V for example looks like a seventy thing while it is made way back when…



    Modified Yamaha strat copy (the only original part is the body, my main guitar)
    Epiphone G-400 SG (got it 2 or 3 years ago, I liked it alot at the time but I never play it now and I’m tryin to get rid of it)
    1980s Fender Twin (the kind with the red knobs. It’s a great amp but i need to get the reverb fixed)
    Morley II Volume/Wah
    Sovtek Big Muff
    Electric Mistress

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