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    So, lets pretend you could have any gear you wanted, what’d you have?

    My Rig:
    -Current Tele (50’s reissue maple "C" neck, Mexi [?] body, left handed six saddle bridge, nocaster pickups, reversed control plate
    -Custom Shop version of said Tele, in pretty blue colour
    -Fender Jazzmaster, natural ash w/tortise guard
    -Fender Jazzmaster, 2 tone burst, goldguard
    -Gibson Es-330
    -Ricky 330-12 (gotit)
    -Ricky 360

    C.A.E Switcher loaded with:
    -Clon Centaur O.D.
    -Jacques Fuseblower
    -Boss Tremelo/Pan
    -Boss Dm-3 (short single delay, low level, reverb-y effect)
    -EH memory man (slapback echo)

    Amps (2, slected with Switcher)
    Side A:
    -Blackface Deluxe Reverb
    -Vox AC-30

    Side B:
    -Budda Superdrive
    -Bad Cat Hot cat

    I dream too goddamn extravagent, don’t I?


    Randy Jane

    Everything Ive already got, and then a couple more amps……actually, I just want an Ampeg 412 cab….then Ill pretty much my dream setup.
    Uh…hehe, I have a wedding coming up and an Ampeg 412 would be a nice gift…..hahaha, nah…but I want one though….ill get a job someday soon, set up a studio, then get one eventually.



    my dream toys…mh…….maybe some fender guitars like mustang or something…..and maybe a mesa boogie amp……..an many(or much, i don´t know what to use?) more :D

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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