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    well maybe it is… :roll:

    but i just notice i asked an advice and none wants to help me… :cry:



    :?: As I see, I´m not the only one…deciding to buy an acoustic guitar. I got some money to invest in. Today I looked after guitars for the first time since years and years…. I´m overwhelmed, my limit is about 400- 500 Euros, which is a lot of money for me…and I´ve to dicide wether with or without pick-up´s, jumbo body or not or an alternative brand or something familiar like …ah U name it! And if U want to try one U don´t even get a room to try out..and sorry, but I need time and quietness to test it…but there was no single room for testing…so, do U have any good advices?



    This is my current gear ( without using it in band, just to satisfy my needs to express myself by playing and get my inside to the outside ): An old japanese Les Paul copy from the early seventies, changed the frets the first time about ten years ago, sounds like a sitar sometimes… and I have to tune every third or fourth chord…the tuning doesn´t work correctly…drilled neck…well, it´s looks good, maybe it should rest at my wall for the future…A Peavy Studio Pro 110 and a digital Yamaha Multi effect…my wahwah doesn´t work anymore well that´s all, just for home use, playing for fun.



    i´ve got some new stuff last time :)
    i still have my johnson strat copie with the jeff beck humbucker
    i still have the ds-1 too
    maybe i told it, i got a hughes & kettner half stack, attax 100, for 564€!!!!! i like it much…..
    i got the sd-1 overdrive for only 20euros…..its in perfect condition :)
    then i got a danelctro flanger….hash browns……i got it for free :D
    and i´m going to get the ehx small clone in some days
    and maybe i will buy a dunlop cry baby :)

    thats all…….very much, right?

    stay in tune :lol:



    you know what ??? this is not an out of topic post !

    i just bought a fender dg14 ! :mrgreen:



    what is a fender dg14 :?:


    "NirvanaRist" wrote:
    what is a fender dg14 :?:

    think there is one here http://www.themusicwarehouse.ltd.uk/acatalog/MW_Online_Fender_DG_Series_Acoustics_178.html”>http://www.themusicwarehouse.ltd.uk/aca … s_178.html

    congrats sophie :D



    thank you

    it looks great :)

    and i think that i´m gonne buy a wah wah soon
    i hope i can make some pretty good noise with it :mrgreen:



    yes, it looks like this one except mine is an electro acoustic one :D

    but i really need to improve to be able to play a decent song :lol:



    here is my rig:
    An acoustic Epiphone PR300
    An electric Greeta (??? what’s that s#!t?)
    And "Rose", my Gibson LP Std 98′ which actually is black.
    oh, a friend lend me a bass, a Weston (another s#$t!!!)

    effects: only what I use with my band…
    Black Big Muff (sovtek)
    Fuzz Foot Fox Rox (homemade?)
    Boss Chorus CH-1
    MXR Phase P-90
    Carl Martin Tremolo/vibrato
    Electro Harmonix stereo memory man
    electro harmonix electric mistress

    no amp yet :(



    i´ve got a new epiphone sg 400 and i fuckin love it :D
    it has a new bridge, it is used but like new
    and i only payed 220 Euros
    new it cost 400 or so
    only the clean sound is not as good as the sound of my strat copie……..but with distortion……..it´s so grat :)



    i think my english is gettin worser and worser :| :(



    Taylor 614 in Transparent Purple!, Taylor 455 12string,Taylor 710 Koa,Guild Bluesbird,Guild Barry Gibb model(dont laugh, it was a gift!),’78 Les Paul Special re-finished in Sparkle Purple,’73 Strat, Danelectro 12 string in Sparkle Purple,84 Gibson Explorer, 4 mexican strats including a "Roland Ready" Strat, ’92 Strat Plus,’97 Tele Plus-Deluxe,’57 Eko archtop,and various Yamaha(3),Carvin,Godin,Tiesco Del-Ray(2),Ibanez(5),Harmony,Fender(9 including the above),Epiphone,Danelectro(2),Ovation,Peavey(2),unknown (3). :mrgreen:

    Please note that i have been collecting these over a 15 year period,and i work as a full-time musician,so any gear is a tax write off!(what an excuse to get more gear)



    It’s not the most impressive set-up in the world but i’m satisfied with my tone….well almost!

    Epi SG-400
    Fender Strat (JB in the bridge)
    Early 80’s Squier Tele

    Laney TF-300

    Proco Turbo Rat (used as a boost)


    And just for the hell of it, here’s an old Project i did with a Jagmaster. I installed 2 single coils and a JB in the bridge. I cut a custom ‘mustang style’ pickguard and painted the body arctic white. I sold it about 3 weeks ago





    as i told you i´ve got an epi sg 400, too :)
    here some photos of me and my guitars



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