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    My gear is a 1963 Jaguar, 1996 Ibanes AW500 Accoustic with Fishman Inducer installed, a 1992 Honer Strat-Jazzmaster copy, a 2000 Fender Mex Jazz Bass, a 1963 Fender Blackface Concert Amp, A Lovetone ? with a Bespeco expression pedal, Electro Harmonix-Clone Theory, Electric Mistress, Memory Man, Lamb’s Head Big Muff, Sovtec Big Muff, and Black new Big Muff, Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz, an vintage Ibanez Compressor, A crate 10 watt amp, various cables, mics, and a recording gear.



    Oh and a Real McCoy III Wah, how can I forget J recomended it to me


    Randy Jane

    I have the list from the ’97 guitar magazine, but I would love to see a full list of J’s equipment…what, 39 guitars now? and just how many Marshall cabs does he have??



    Calimero jr.

    I have a black ’94 Fender Stratocaster Ultra (U.S), love her sound, the combination of pickups allows a wide range of different tonalities.
    I play it trough a Fender Performer 650 amp, the clean channel is really fine, but the overdrive is a bit disappointing….anyway not too bad.
    I still keep my first guitar, a Peaveay Falcon series II (Telecaster imitation) although she sounds ugly.

    I often play on a friend’s Les Paul, it’s really a great instrument too…..

    Would love to try a Jazzmaster ans a Mustang, for I’m more into Fender guitars, but here where I live I never see one in the shops…. <img>



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by ammaringnyc:
    <strong>Oh and a Real McCoy III Wah, how can I forget J recomended it to me</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>Not a bad recommendation…. <img>

    J Pedal

    Allison <img>



    Mesa boogie mark III, 2 carvin 4×12’s, a jackson guitar(I’m not sure of the model), bbe 462 sonic maximizer. Soon I am going to be getting a furman power conditioner and some kinda of multi effects thingymajigger.



    Now now, nobody likes the kid with all the neat toys <img>

    Still, nice having some girl power on the list



    don’t think i am truly prepared for this pissing contest, i still squat when i pee…
    gorgeous ovation folk balladeer
    marginal ovation celebrity
    takamini something
    one ugly fretless bass
    loverly seagull folk acoustic
    a gremlin, not the car the guitar
    wicked old banjo my nana played in the 20’s
    just learnin’ classical cello(really it is my house-mate’s)
    penny whistle, kazoo, tambourine, cow bell and ancient bongos… there is a bit more but my wish list is thus:
    any rickenbocker any condition
    mandolin(potential b-day gift this year)
    and eventually i’s gonna get me a 12 string, dunno have not met her yet…
    oh mebbe a manjo too
    and someday a drum kit, cuz i have not played drums since like i dunno 6th grade or somethin’
    by the way i also collect old books and my drug of choice is music so to keep that monkey satisfied i spend way too much time and $$ at the local record shop, that and the guy who owns the shop is soooo groovy. i pine. i want. i wait.



    Okeey now, lets not start another "why don’t girls play guitar good enough" topic.

    Seagulls are pretty nice though, looked at them and Larrivee before I bought my Guild.



    ALLISON THE LINK YOU POSTED WAS FOR THE RMC2, J has an RMC3. The RMC2 is great I have used it often but the RMC3 provides a much greater ability to tweak the effect.



    Hey Ammaringnyc,

    Good to hear from you <img> Found that link awhile ago, not sure how current it is. The guy on the site says the RMC2 is the production version of the custom pedal he made for J…would that be the RMC3?

    Allison <img>



    So do you play VF? You seem to find an awful lot of neet stuff.



    I have a yellow Yamaha electric guitar with a Palace sticker on it <img> and a Yamaha amp.



    Hey Malcom,

    I did play guitar in a female punk band quite awhile ago, didn’t keep it up though. Played an SG with a Marshall amp turned up really loud <img>




    This is the equipment I use when practising with my band:

    amp: Marshall valvestate 100.
    one cleane channel end two distortion channels.

    guitar: jazzmaster 63 (original except refinished)
    effects: Pearl "thriller" a kind of filter/eq

    Guitars I have…- but merely don’t use in other occasions than when I’m alone in my room.

    Tokay Strat
    (dark red finish on both body and neck)looks cool, but doesn’t stay in tune. I think I should change the bridge.)

    Ibanez s540
    the perfect guitar when you dig Steve Vai and Satriani and try to play like them.

    HONDO les paul
    Oh man , this guitar sucks.

    EFFECTS I have but don’t usally feel like using:
    boss chorus
    EH Clone Theory
    boss overdrive (yellow box)
    sovetek big muff
    bosstone fuzz

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