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    I posted this a while ago, but seeing as we’ve lost our history, and seeing as its been a year, I thought I’d ask that eternal question once more.

    What are your musical playthings

    I still have three basses

    An Ibanez ATK 300

    A Rickenbacker 4001 <img>

    And an Ibanez GSR soundgear (No photo available)

    And I have two guitars:

    A Rickenbacker 330-12…
    …But mine’s more "SRV-looking"

    And a Guild M-20

    [img]http://www.womchurchservices.com/images/Guild%20M20.jpg[/img] <img> <img> <img>

    My only amp Rig is a SWR SM-400 run through a Hartke 4X10

    I also own a Bohemian 50/50 upright and a Balalika of Uncertain origin, but I don’t play them as much as I should.

    Do I have too much time on my hands?

    (note: none of these photo’s are of my actual instruments)



    I have a very nice woodenlook ’79 fender strat, solidbody with no tremelo. It has a great sound incredible sustain. I also play on an epiphone riviera, a red semi-ac. I have this Marshall amp (valvestate 8210) that I hate a bit because i want to have a real valve – amp but can’t afford it…but I’m saving to buy one though: a Vox (ac15 or ac30) but they are so criminal expensive.
    Accoustic I play on an old Aria guitar, still good but…
    No pic’s BTW.
    Effects..All kind of toys, mostly boss and a cry baby wah. The things I use mostly are: compressor and delay.



    the only 3 toys i currently have are an acoustic Alvarez DY-45 (1985), a really old (1930’s-ish) B&D Siver Bell tenor banjo, and a ’79 Gibson Byrdland hollow body (which is technically my father’s, but he hasn’t played it in years) i’ve had numerous other guitars, mostly Fenders, and i’m currently in the market for a new 5 string banjo….. <img>


    Randy Jane

    I have way to many things that I dont use as much as I should…..(like my mandolin, dobro, organ and keyboard). The things I use the most though, are:
    Amps: Peavey Sessionbass head with a Peavey 410 cab. Fender Sidekick 15 Reverb combo, and my ’72 Fender Princeton Reverb combo with an old 60s Ampeg 1×15 cab under it (great sounds).
    Guitars: Squier Strat and Tele. ’74 Mustang, and ’71 Hiflier. (I have like four Harmony’s too, but usually use those just for recording <img> ). My main acoustic guitar is my ’87 Martin D-2832 A/E (sounds crappy through every amp ive heard it through though).
    Effects: Black Big Muff Reissue, Dod Grunge (yeah yeah) Dod Chorus, and Dunlop Crybaby and Volume.
    And my P.A. I dont get to play my drums that much either, but I have those too.

    Before anyone starts this, oh hes a spoiled brat kid…..no, I worked for like three years with a clown for that stuff. Some of it was Christmas and Birthday stuff but I worked for most of it…helps not driving..hehehe.



    Deepslush, have a party. A pictures worth a thousand words.

    RJ, naw, wouldn’t think your too spoiled, but working with a clown??? Not literally, I hope.


    Randy Jane

    Yeah, I seriously worked for a clown. Star the Clown was her name. I only quit becuase I went to Nashville and recorded my cd, which only took 2 1/2 months, but you cant miss that much work and keep your job you know. I never dressed up as a clown (though if you got to, you made $10 an hour!) I made baloon animals, painted faces, and sat rides and stuff up. It was good money, and like I said, I didnt have any bills to pay because I didnt (and still dont at the moment) drive. I was never interested in driving.

    I forgot to mention my basses I think…?? Epiphone Thunderbird and a GTX P-bass copy..cheap bass, but great sound.




    Well, my gear hasn’t really changed much since the last time, aside from an ampstand (that my amp doesn’t currently fit on, because the amp’s missing it’s missing its back. ’bout to fasion a new one for it.)

    Here goes…


    ’94 USA Fender Telecaster (midnight-wine red… Pretty.)

    early 90’s Fender Mexican Strat (black, and I had some decent tuners put on it awhile back.)

    Yamaha A/E… This one’s actually my dad’s, but I tend to "borrow" it from him for very long periods of time (though he has it again right now.) He’s got 4 accoustics, so he doesn’t usually miss it.


    Just one amp at this time, but it’s my baby… A ’68 Fender Deluxe Reverb… Sounds sooo beautiful, but I think it might be due for a cap-job soon, it’s pretty old and starting to get muddy at the low end.

    I also have a cabinet with a 15" bass speaker that I plug the amp into when I need to move a little more air. It’s still not that loud up against a drumset though.


    Onboard Reverb and Tremelo.. Built in to the amp, switched on and off by my DIY switch pedal, that I made from Radio Shack parts.

    Rocktek Distortion. A cheap, plastic POS that is my all-time favorite fuzzbox ever. It’s got this over-fuzzy sound about it that I have tweaked to perfection. I get a lot of grief from other guitarists when they see it, but they can take a hike. This is my sound! Plus, they tend to shut up when they here it…

    Boss DS-1 Distortion. My "other" fuzzbox (I use two). This is the one I kick on when I’m looking for more of a cruch than the Rocktek’s wall-o-fuzz. I kick ’em both on for solos though… <img>

    Ibanez Soundtank TS5. A cheap, plastic version of the classic TS9. This is my experimental project pedal. I’ve modified the electronics in it a bit to emulate the even older TS808… It’s great for some loz fuzz bluesy stuff, but I can get a better blues fuzz by turning up my amp, so I don’t use this one much.

    Dunlop Crybaby. My wah-wah pedal. It’s a mid 90’s one, and sounds pretty good, but I think I’d like to try out some other wah-wahs in the future.

    Boss TU-2 Tuner… This is one of the best buys I’ve made in awhile. Not only is it a very good inline tuner, but it also functions as a power station for the rest of my effects. No more bateries!

    Boss DD-3 Digital Delay. Don’t use this much, since I’ve been going for a much simpler sound lately (distortion, reverb, tremelo, and a little wah, only). Also, it seems to suck a little of my tone away. I might make a true switch for it in the future one day, to correct the problem.

    Some kind of old Ibanez Dual Chorus thing. Yep, two chorus pedals in one box. I had to build a switchbox for this too, or I couldn’t use both sides at the same time. Haven’t been using this much lately either. It’s OK sometimes, but I’m not much of a chorus man. Found it real cheap though, a while back, so I decided to grab it.

    The project:

    I built a volume boost circuit a few months ago. Pretty basic, just a single knob and a switch. I did make it so it can use a battery or AC adapter though… Sounds pretty cool, but I haven’t put it in a case yet. Mostly because I don’t have a stomp switch for it. They’re pretty expensive for switches ($15) and have to be ordered through the mail… Currently have a basic toggle switch on it, that I have to flip with my hand.

    Future considerations:

    I’d like to get a decent bass rig some time in the near future. Nothing too expensive, but not too cheap either. I’d also like to get a drumset at some point and leard to play it. Don’t have room for one right now though.

    Also plan on getting a louder amp, for when I need to jam with people, one of these days. I love my Deluxe, but it has trouble keeping up. I’d love to find, maybe, a Nice late 60’s Fender Twin Reverb for a good price. Gonna keep my eye out… <img>



    Ouchy the clown is very wrong.

    ovation s/a, beat up, but beautiful
    crafter fsg 250E – cheap ‘n’ good

    aria pro ii XL
    PRS McCartney – custom (oh my god)

    Fender Precision Bass

    Premier 5 piece, dbl bass drum, 2 hi’s, 2 zildjian, 3 cymbs, 8 toms, 3 rota’s – finally recovered from an old landlord from uni, upset that I owed him about three large on rent.

    zoom 506ii for the precision
    boss gt3
    zoom 303
    whole loada marshall shit

    never worked for a clown to get it, and sure as hell never been spoiled. sold my soul to the capitalist whores of London, but gets me nice stuff. and keeps me in booze and weed. sweeeeeeeeeeeet.



    Acoustic, Ovation Celeb – Red
    Since I’m still only learning it seemed like the thing to get. If I get three cords right I’m happy <img> so it serves me well for now. If I get better I’ll try for something else down the road.



    A Fenix blue swirly Telecaster from the early 90’s. Just like the chap from Puressence plays.

    A Frankenstien red (soon to be a jackson-pollock <img> ) strat I built from parts of old smashed up geetars.

    A pro-co Rat distortion, dod Overdrive, CryBaby Wah, some old chorus pedal, Korg tuner all into a Marshall combo, about 80 watts or something.

    Fender DG-3 acoustic, covered in Mr Men stickers.

    Zoom RT-123 drum machine.

    Old school no-name mandolin.

    Even older school Yamaha Keyboard that isn’t worth playing but did for drum sounds before this xmas’s drum machine.

    I think thats it.



    Why someone’s interested, I can’t really tell, but here’s my stuff:

    Schecter strat (’83), Fender Bassman 4×10 75w with a Fender Bassman 100 4×12 cabinet. Cry-Baby wah, green Sovtek Big Muff, Boss Equalizer, Ibanez Phase-Tone II, Ibanez FL-301 Flanger, Ibanez Echo-Machine delay (the black sheep) and Univox Proverb reverb tank (yet to arrive, paid for it though…had to buy it from US since here in Finland that kinda stuff’s real rare!).

    There you are.

    Buy Cliff Barnes’ 7" EP.





    I know we’ve got more people than that!


    stuart _c

    My gear has accumulated over about 10 or more years, I started getting more gear again this year. Most of it was bought as not working, just plain junk. As I got them cheap fixed them so it really didn’t cost that much at all.

    All the pedals are Electro Harmonix stuff, usually their easy to repair and maintain. Reference material schematics etc, is easy to get and 95% of the parts are readily available.

    The pedals have cost a lot less than new gear. It’s great I didn’t have to pay the big vintage prices and they now all work properly.

    It funny or maybe not but even the stuff in guitar shops for hundreds of dollars is often noisy, broken or not bypassing properly.

    Some vintage stuff can be a little noisy but most of the time a lot of noise means a broken pedal.

    I’ve got is heaps more stuff but I’ve just started a new band and this list is whats usually on my pedal boards.

    I’ve been using:

    ‘65 Fender Mustang
    ’65 Duo Sonic

    Crying Tone Wha, Wha

    Bass Balls
    Y Triggered Filter
    Octave Mulitiplexer
    Big Muff PI ’74
    Big Muff PI ’78
    Little Big Muff
    Soul Preacher

    Small Stone
    Bad Stone
    Small Clone
    Clone Theory
    Deluxe Electric Mistress
    Deluxe Memory Man

    Switch/Blade (as an on/off)

    60 watt Marshall all vale combo

    The amp is a fairly new about less than 10 years old and new Marshall it isn’t great.

    Thanks Stu


    Randy Jane

    Dude, Stu….Im not saying I dont believe you or anything, because I do, but man.,….id like to see some pics of that rig! Sounds great Ill bet.




    Ibanez RG570 that I have had about 10 years, Ampeg SS-150 head, Crate 4×12 cab and the POD from Line 6.

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